Ranking The 90s X-Men By How Powerful They Are

While there's been a lot of talk about the recent release of Dark Phoenix which closes out Fox's 11 film franchise, there has been news lately about plans for a resurgence of another cinematic X-Men property. The creators behind X-Men: The Animated Series have pitched a revival of the fan-favorite series to Disney, which has inspired fans to revisit one of the most popular comic book animated series ever produced.

The 90's animated series drew inspiration from the best-selling launch of 1991's X-Men #1 by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee, which modernized the X-Men and split the large team into two factions, the Blue and Gold teams. These teams were the inspiration for the roster behind the animated series as they showcased the best the X-Men have to offer. So today we are going to take a look at the iconic roster to see who is the most powerful X-Man of the 90s!

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Jubilation Lee first appeared shortly before the team was split into the Blue and Gold factions while they were in the Australian outback, and she joined the Blue squad with her new buddy Wolverine. Jubilee's ability to create explosive fireworks was definitely visually dynamic but didn't pose much of an offensive threat in the 90s until she later developed her abilities. However, Jubilee was the most 90s thing about the 90s X-Men, which more than earns her a spot on this list.


One of the founding members of the X-Men also found himself on the Blue squad, which featured the majority of the newer additions to the team under the leadership of Cyclops. Beast's enhanced strength and agility definitely make him a formidable foe, and his bestial mutation offers a number of great offensive capabilities. But it's Hank McCoy's scientific genius that really makes him a powerhouse among the X-Men, though still not close to as powerful as some of his 90s teammates.



Bishop is a mutant from the future who worked with the Xavier Security Enforcers before traveling back in time hoping to stop a traitor from destroying Xavier's dream. He was the newest member of the X-Men to join the team after they had split into the two squads, and he found a place on the Gold team.

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Bishop's ability to absorb and rechannel energy alongside his training with the XSE has made Bishop a powerful member of the X-Men, and even a dangerous villain at one point as well.


The 90s X-Men and the Blue squad, in particular, were full of new mutants that had only recently joined the team. Gambit was one of these mutants, and his role with the X-Men has been tenuous at the best of times, given his history as a thief and former work with the villainous Mr. Sinister. However, Remy LeBeau's same past is what gives him the skills he uses with the X-Men, as well as the ability to charge objects (usually playing cards) with explosive kinetic energy.


Betsy Braddock had an interesting journey to becoming Psylocke before she found herself on the Blue team of the X-Men. While originally she was just a telepathic mutant who wore a suit of armor, in the 90s Betsy found her mind placed in the body of Japanese ninja Kwannon, which now made Betsy a skilled assassin and telepath. While Psylocke has never been the most powerful psychic on the X-Men, she was able to focus the totality of her power into her psychic blade, which could do some serious damage.


Warren Worthington III was another founding member of the X-Men to join the Gold team, though his days as the high-flying Angel were long behind him. After his transformation at the hands of Apocalypse, Warren became Archangel, and his once feathery wings were now techno-organic metal that could fire dangerous razor-sharp flechettes.

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Archangel's true power levels would be revealed decades later, but during the 90s Warren was still adapting to his new form and dealing with the psychological effects of his transformation.


The Gold team featured some experienced heavy hitters, including one of Xavier's earliest recruits, Bobby Drake/Iceman. Bobby could turn the ambient moisture in the air into ice, and even create an ice form for himself, though he never really explored his powers fully until the 90s and beyond. We now know that Bobby is actually an Omega-level mutant with an untapped degree of power, but in the early 90s, he was still the class clown throwing snowballs while just beginning to see his potential.


If the defining trait of this list is physical power, then Logan isn't necessarily the strongest member of the Blue team. But while he may be the runt of the litter, he has years of experience as a spy, a warrior, a samurai, an assassin, and a government stooge to draw from. Of course, his enhanced senses, incredible healing factor, adamantium-laced bones and claws that can cut through almost anything still make Wolverine a deadly member of the X-Men, even if he's not the most powerful, by definition.


Scott Summers was the leader of the X-Men for years before losing the job to Storm in the 80s. When the teams were split, Cyclops took command of the Blue team, while Storm led the Gold. Cyclops has an incredible tactical mind that has benefitted the X-Men for years, and he is able to unleash powerful concussive optic blasts from his eyes, which can quite literally punch through mountains.

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Scott is also able to bounce his optic blasts around a room with incredible accuracy due to his unique understanding of spatial trigonometry.


Piotr Nikolayevich Rasputin is unquestionably the strongest member of the team when it comes to physical power. Colossus is able to transform his body into organic steel that makes him both incredibly durable and incredibly strong. While Colossus began the 90s as a member of the Gold squad, he would soon abandon Xavier's dreams after the death of his sister and join with Magneto as one of his Acolytes.


Jean Grey was a member of the Gold team alongside most of her other founding X-Men and was finally returning to the team after her first resurrection and time with X-Factor. During the 90s Jean was actually at one of her highest power levels, despite rarely showing those abilities on the animated series. In the comics, Jean had access to both her abilities and a portion of the Phoenix Force that was used to create Madelyne Pryor, making her an incredibly powerful character in the 90s.


As a newer member of the X-Men, Rogue was put on the Blue team alongside her eventual husband Gambit. Rogue's power-stealing ability previously gave her the strength and flight of Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel, making her one of the strongest members of any X-team.

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While she eventually lost the abilities she had gained from Danvers, her own mutant gift/curse of absorbing whatever ability she needs to assist in the battle makes her an incredibly powerful member of the 90s roster.


While not officially a member of either the Blue or Gold teams, Professor Xavier was a key figure of the X-Men in the 90s and worked alongside his X-Men in almost every event and storyline. Xavier's telepathic abilities are unmatched in the 90s, and his disability was aided for the first time in the 90s by his alien hovering wheelchair, which became such an iconic part of his character in the animated series. Xavier's psychic power levels may be off the charts, but he still isn't the most powerful member of the 90s X-Men.


As the leader of the Gold squad, Ororo Munroe/Storm continually proved her value to the X-Men as one of the teams greatest leaders, but she is also one of its heaviest hitters. Storm's mutant ability allows her to control, manipulate, and generate weather, but it's her connection to these weather systems and the Earth itself that really make her a powerhouse. Storm is an elemental force of nature that has few rivals when it comes to powerful mutants in the 90s.

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