'90s Nickelodeon Lineup Gets Funko Pop! Vinyl Treatment

Revered toy maker Funko has announced another lineup of Pop! Vinyls that will be released sometime in the coming year -- and this time, it's every '90s kids' dream: A return to classic Nickelodeon characters.

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Funko released concept art for the new lineup of characters, including CatDog (from the series of the same name), Krumm, Oblina and Ickis from "Ahh! Real Monsters," and Tommy Pickles, Reptar and Chuckie Finster from "Rugrats." Take a look at the concept art for each character in the line, below:

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Funko did not announce a release date, other than 2017, or pricing information for the figures. This line of Pop! Vinyls will be joining other recent releases from Funko such as Parks and Recreation, Gwenpool, and DC Bombshells.

There has been no information on whether other classic '90s Nickelodeon characters will be joining this first group.

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First airing in 1990, "Rugrats" told the unique experience of a group of babies and toddlers, and stayed on TV for 16 years, airing its final episode in 2006. "Ahh! Real Monsters" arrived in 1994 and told the stories of three monsters who were learning how to scare children; it lasted for three years. "CatDog" hit the small screen in 1998 and stayed on TV until 2005; The show told the story of conjoined siblings, a cat and a dog, and how they dealt with the strange challenges of their existence.

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