'90s Image artist Dan Fraga re-emerges as director of <i>The Ricky Gervais Show</i>

In the comics boom of the mid-'90s, a number of new creators burst onto the scene. Dan Fraga was hired fresh out of high school in 1991 to draw for Rob Liefeld's line of comics at the then-newly launched Image Comics. He disappeared from the comic shelves around the turn of the century, but now he's popping up in the most unlikely of places: directing a television show for comedian Ricky Gervais.

To jog your memory, Fraga made his comics debut in the pages of Youngblood, and went on to do his own creator-owned work like Black Flag and Gear Station as well as work for the Big Two on everything from What If? to Superman. But in 2000 Fraga segued out of comics to become a storyboard artist for films like Transporter 2 and the second Fantastic Four movie. In 2010 a gig doing storyboards for an MTV series called The Hard Times of RJ Berger led to the producers expanding his role to direct animated scenes for the show. That in turn got him the offer to direct Ricky Gervais' self-titled animated show based on his pre-recorded podcasts.

"While the show is from preexisting podcasts, Ricky worked with us to make sure that what we did coincided with what he wanted for the show," Fraga said in an interview with Examiner.com. "He was a fun guy to work with and had great notes."

In addition to directing this show, Fraga says that he's working on a pilot for Adult Swim as well as a novel. You can catch up to Fraga and his work over at his blog, FragaBoom!

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