9 Hilarious Memes Of Marvel's Hulk

The Incredible Hulk first appeared in 1962 in The Incredible Hulk #1  by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, published by Marvel Comics. He was a staple character of the Marvel Universe and became a household name when The Incredible Hulk TV series first premiered on CBS in 1977. Known for his immense strength and anger to match it, the Green Goliath is one of the most recognizable characters in comic books and pop culture in general.

Being of such fame, The Hulk has often found himself in several different variations of memes. With his split personalities, roaring anger, and his love for smashing thing, there's a lot to poke fun at. Here are 9 hilarious memes with the strongest one there is.

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9 Sponge Hulk Is Winded

In 2018's smash summer hit, Avengers Infinity War, many fans and Avengers alike were asking themselves, "Where is the Hulk?" Seeing how big the final battle was, surely a powerhouse of the Hulk's status would give the Defenders of Wakanda a leg up in battle, alas, he was nowhere to be found.

This meme pokes fun at this occurrence by showing a winded Spongebob SquarePants who has been painted to look like The Incredible Hulk. Many memes were also made poking fun at The Hulk's absence in the final battle, but give the big guy a break. Thanos really embarrassed him on that Asgardian warship. The Hulk may be a being running on pure rage, but he's also a shy flower who deserves to take some time.

8 "What's In Your Mouth?"

In this meme, we see The Hulk from 2017's Thor Ragnarok opening Fenris The Wolf's mouth while locked into battle. Those who've seen the movie know that this battle was a tough and ferocious one. Not much there to laugh about. However, given this new context, it's nothing but funny.

All dog owners that your dog will occasionally find something and just start chewing on it, and then you'll have that panic moment where you'll desperately attempt to take out whatever is in old Lockjaw's mouth. Hulk displays that here with a hound so large, only the Green Giant can heave open such jaws.

7 She-Hulk

During the halftime show at Super Bowl XLVII Beyonce in 2013, performed her hit songs and blew away the crowd of thousands at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and millions more watching at home. However, despite her praised performance, she happened to strike a less than flattering pose, leading to much tomfoolery and many memes to boot.

Here, we have an edited version of the pose, displaying Beyonce as Bruce Banner's incredible cousin, Jen Walters AKA She-Hulk. Seeing as how flexed and muscular appearing Beyonce is in this photo, it's almost a perfect fit for slapping on some green skin and the She-Hulk logo. She-Hulk doesn't get much love, so this meme is not only hilarious but appreciated.

6 Hulk Sad

Here we have a panel of The Hulk with a sad look on his face with the caption explaining how this person doesn't like him much. Appropriately, Hulk states "Hulk sad" showing how this revelation really has turned him into the saddest one there is.

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This meme may be hilarious, but it also has the ability to make you go "aww" in Bruce's direction. Everyone can agree, The Hulk is supposed to be mad. He's not supposed to be sad.

5 The Incredible Fella

Bootlegged superhero items and toys are almost as common as official products themselves. Everywhere, knock-off Spider-Man and Batman backpacks and shirts are flying off shelves, because sometimes, official merch is just a bit too pricey. Here we see this, but with the big green guy in stretchy purple pants.

The Incredible Fella is a humongous and important member of the Revengers in the hit 2018 movie, Revengers Endless Tussle. As you can see here, his chiseled face and excellent hair are on perfect display for anyone looking for an excellent choice of toy for the younger ones in their life. of course, it's all just a gag that's poking fun at Avengers: Infinity War, but one can dream, as absurd as that dream is.

4 Profile Pic/Tagged Photo

On popular social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, the tag tool is often used to pinpoint people in pictures so others may click on the provided links and be transported to the page of that person. This often leads to the embarrassment of the one tagged, who more often than not, has no control over how they look in the picture. This is in contrast with the usually filtered and edited profile pictures makes for humorous comparisons.

This meme perfectly displays this with Hulk and Thor in 2017's Thor Ragnarok as the profile pic and Shrek and Arthur Pendragon from Shrek The Third as the tagged photo. The comparisons between the two movies are very apparent and the downgrade is as well, making this meme definitely a gut buster.

3 Shrulk

Yet another Shrek/Hulk meme to add to the list, this meme shows a man who apparently tried to cosplay as everyone's favorite Hulking Giant, but just ended up looking like DreamWorks' Shrek. Obviously, the man was going for the Lou Ferrigno style of Hulk, but most kids these days have no clue who that is, leaving our poor man here in the dust.

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Many cosplayers can relate to similar circumstances. Being mistaken for a character you're not isn't anything new or crazy, but you can't help but feel bad for Hulk here. He really is trying and needs a hug, despite the green paint.

2 The Mighty Google Chrome

Here the Hulk is seen attempting to lift Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, in the hit 2012 film, The Avengers. Because of the magical enchantment bestowed upon the hammer by Odin, Hulk can't lift the weapon, no matter how hard he tries.

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This clearly makes fun of Google Chrome's tendency to slow down and even crash when met with any kind of RAM size. Obviously, this is a stretch but still humorous nonetheless. What would Hulk search for if he used Google?

1 Drunk Hulk

Yet another meme that depicts a still from 2012's The Avengers, showing Thor choking out with Hulk with the caption "This is how I feel trying to communicate with drunk friends". With the expressions of both strong men and the fitting caption, this meme hits the funny spot in all of us.

Anyone who's ever had to deal with the irrationality and sudden bursts of strength displayed by a drunk friend who isn't being very cooperative can definitely relate to this meme as well. Think getting your drunk buddies into an Uber is hard? Imagine the freaking Incredible Hulk.

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