9 Directions Sony SHOULD Take The Spider-verse (And 7 It Should AVOID)

The Spider-Man Universe is coming to Sony! We don't really know that much about the direction that Sony is going with their new Spider-Man Universe, except that there's going to be a female team up movie featuring Silver Sable and Black Cat (called Silver & Black) and that Venom is one of the movies that is going to be made. We don't know the connection it'll have to the MCU, if any, or even if Spider-Man -- Peter Parker or otherwise -- is going to show up.

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But we do have a bunch of guesses, hopes, and a whole lot of fears. After all, it is a Spider-Man Universe, but it's one coming after Spider-Man: Homecoming so who knows. It could be great, it could be bad. It's a brave new world. So, here are all of our best (and worst) ideas for which direction the Sony Spider-Man Universe should go. (Note: Yes, Sony's Spider-Man Universe is a handful. While calling it the Spider-Verse would be a lot cleaner, the Spider-Verse is already a thing: a huge event comic that encompassed Spider-Man and all comics tangentially related to it. So we're sticking with Sony Spider-Man Universe or SSMU for short.)


The Planet of the Symbiotes was a brand-new, world-changing plot-line that occurred in the pages of Guardians of the Galaxy. During that time, Venom had been reformed and joined the Guardians. Eventually the Guardians discovered that the Venom Symbiote was from a planet filled with others of his kind, and that the reason it had such a dark past was because it had been corrupted. It's taken there and redeemed; purified even.

It's a cool story that features new Venom lore, dozens of awesome Venom creatures, and focuses entirely on the Symbiote. If Sony is attempting to create a Venom movie without Spider-Man, giving him his own corner of the sky wouldn't be a bad idea. Why not send him into space, and eventually to his own planet? It worked well in the comics!


Spider-Gwen's creation was one of the most exciting things to happen to comics in years. She emerged from the Edge of Spider-Verse series, a five-issue mini that focused on different Spiders around the multiverse. Spider-Gwen was from a universe where Gwen Stacy was bitten by the spider and Peter Parker turned into the Lizard. Spider-Gwen defeated him, but in doing so, Peter died.

Gwen learned that with great power there must also come great responsibility. Oh, and she's also the drummer in a band called the Mary Janes, and her costume is pretty much the best thing of all time, ever. She has an entire world of possibilities and stories, and the Silver & Black series could use an actual spider character. Why not the best one?


The Edge of Spider-Verse series that Spider-Gwen flew out of was about these creatures called Inheritors that were going around the multiverse, destroying every Spider character out there. To fight them, all of the spiders joined together to create a huge group of Web Warriors -- named after the Web of Destiny, and the Web of the multiverse. After the Inheritors were defeated, a small group of them stuck together, policing the Web of Destiny, and being superheroes on a multiversal scale -- all of them with the ability to jump between universes and fight whatever evil is found there. Even if the Sony Spidey Universe doesn't completely adapt this, the idea of having a team of Spiders working together is killer, and should be used to at least some extent.


Spider-Island is a story about the island of Manhattan being taken over by Spiders. Not spiders, the literal creatures, but by people with spider powers. Yes, it turns out that almost everyone in Manhattan spontaneously gains the same powers that Peter Parker has. As this includes good and bad people, the amount of superhero fighting skyrockets, and the city gets turned upside down. Eventually, it turns out that the Spider powers are just the first development; eventually, you become a Man Spider, helplessly serving a monstrous being known as the Spider Queen.

Adapting this story would be an excellent way to introduce a bunch of different Spider characters to audiences and also give them all an origin that has nothing at all to do with Peter Parker. It's also a killer story that would be awesome on film.


Spider-Woman isn't actually, technically a Spider character, but she's close enough that she's been moving over into Spider events recently. Jessica Drew is actually a spy with a long history, that began with her being an actual spider that mutated into a human being. Eventually, that was retconned to being a memory planted by the evil organization HYDRA (who could easily be replaced with another evil organization) who used her as a spy.

Eventually, Drew found out that HYDRA was evil and left to fight against them and be a hero. She got her powers from her father doing a radical treatment to save her life as a child that involved radioactivity and Spider blood, because science in comics makes no sense. She gains superpowers from this and also she's a spy. How would she not be perfect for the Black & Silver Universe?


Silk's story might sound like another you've heard: on a school field trip, she was bitten by a radioactive spider, and gained superpowers that enabled her to do anything a spider could, including spinning webs. (Yes, the same spider that bit Peter. He found out of her existence during the Original Sins plotline.) But, then she was locked up in an underground bunker for years, only found and let out during the Spider-Verse event.

Silk is a new but amazing character, whose plot has involved her finding her family, and learning how to become a member of the world again after so long removed. She also has some of the coolest costumes in comic book history and seeing any of them on-screen would be a miracle. Silk could be the main star of Sony's Spider-Man Universe, with almost no changes. She's practically perfect in every way.


Carnage is one of the nastiest and most horrifying monsters in all of comics. Which is why he'd be perfect for this new Sony Spidey Universe. For one thing, we already know that Venom is going to be a big part of it, and we also know that the movies are going to focus on female Spider heroes -- which is where Carnage comes in. Carnage was a monstrous being that attacked and killed, a spawn of Venom's, and almost unstoppable. In the Ultimate Universe, it even attacked and consumed Gwen Stacy.

Later, it would come back and become Gwen Stacy, taking her form with all of her memories. While in the comics, Gwen could not ever turn back into Carnage, having her gain this ability for the movies would make her one of the most unique and interesting heroes in the Spider-Man Universe.


Madame Web is one of the weirder parts of Spider-Man's lore. She's a blind psychic who sits and reads all of existence. She's been helped along by Spider-Man (most famously in Amazing Spider-Man #229 where Spidey fought the Juggernaut) and she’s helped him along. Of course, she's also been involved in other plotlines as well. The main reason Madame Web should be added to the new Sony Spider-Man Universe is simple: it needs to set itself apart from the rest of the Spider-Man things.

We've already had two trilogies, and we're getting a third one soon. If there's to be another whole Spider-Man Universe, it needs to be separate from those, and what would work better than fully embracing mysticism and oddness? Better yet, Madame Web could be involved in the Spider-Verse event -- or even the team leader of the Web Warriors. She would work perfectly in this new Universe, as the Nick Fury of it, connecting all the different movies until the team-up.


Spider-Ham, Spider-Ham, does whatever a spider can. Except he's also a ham, by which we mean a pig. See, Spider-Ham is from another universe where everyone is an animal. All of the superheroes and all of the supervillains are animals, and it's all cartoony and weird and wonderful and silly. FOX has Deadpool and Marvel has an entire Universe of weird wackiness to choose from, but the Sony Universe?

If it wants to stand out, it's going to need to have some weirdness, some zaniness, and what's weirder and zanier than Spider-Ham? The best part is he actually is a major player in the Spider-Verse event, being a member of the Web Warriors, and helping to save all of creation, so you could easily have him in a crossover, thrown in a cameo, or just give him his own movie.


Spider-Man: Reign is one of the worst stories ever written and if you have never read it, feel lucky. It deals with Spider-Man, in his old age, in a dystopian nightmare realm. It's basically Old Man Peter, but much worse than that comic. Here we find out that Venom is in love with Peter -- like, that kind of love -- and that Mary Jane died of cancer from having sexual intercourse with Peter, whose every bodily fluid is filled with radioactivity.

At one point, the corpse of Doc Ock carries Peter around. It's as bad, maudlin, and disappointing as it sounds. Spider-Man is about fun and joy and swinging around. This comic is the opposite. It should be buried, forever. Let's never speak of it again.


Spider-Girl first appeared in What If #105 and from there spun her whole separate, amazing universe. She’s an amazing character, possibly the best Spider around, and should definitely not appear in the Silver & Black series. She's too closely related to Spider-Man, because she’s his actual daughter -- Mayday -- whose entire story is about taking over for him when he's too old. She would be a great addition to the MCU in about 15 years... if it's still there!

However, adding her to the Silver & Black series would be nothing more than a declaration that no Spider-Man Universe can succeed without having a Parker in it. Which absolutely isn't true. There are tons of interesting Spiders that could be the leads, not just another Parker. Let him live in the MCU for awhile, and let Mayday swing around in our hopes and dreams a little longer.


Spider-Man has a lot of different universe duplicates. We got to see a ton of them during Spider-Verse, including this one. Most of them are some form of Peter Parker, but some, like Spider-Gwen, aren't. Then there's the Spider-Ma'am. She's Aunt May, but she's also a Spider hero. She has the powers instead of Peter and uses them to go out and save the world. While she's admittedly awesome (and she has a Spider-Verse companion in an Uncle Ben who received the Spider powers), she wouldn't really work for the Sony Spider-Man Universe, if only because Aunt May is a main character over in the MCU.

As of right now, we don't know how the crossover between these two Universes will work, but it doesn't seem like it'll be as free as it is between different MCU movies -- it seems more like the difference between MCU movies and MCU shows. So, while Spider-Ma'am is hilarious, she shouldn't show up, if just to keep lawyers happy.


Peter Parker... has been in enough... things. Seriously. He's had dozens of games, about nine thousand different animated tv shows, and at this point is on his third trilogy in 10 years. We've had enough Peter Parker -- we don't need him to have his own universe as well. While he has a lot of awesome secondary characters we've never gotten to see, we have seen more than enough of Peter freaking Parker.

So, while the Sony Spider-Man Universe can go on making movies about all his friends, we don't want to see Spider-Man (or, at least, Peter Parker) in a single frame of any movie, anywhere. We've had enough of him. Can we please, please focus on a different Spider character now? Just... any of them!? Leave him for the MCU, okay?


Some of you have already skipped this due to your intense '90s-flashbacks. Godspeed. For the rest of you, the Clone Saga was a years (yes, years with an s)-long event that encompassed every single Spider-Man book and was as insipid as it was bad (as it was long as it was lengthy). It never seemed to end, and every single plot twist had nine more plot twists in it... and those plot twists were all rotten to the core (which also contained another twist).

The simple version goes that Spider-Man had a clone, but then there was another clone, and the clones fought; then Spider-Man found out he was the clone, then he found out he wasn't, then his clone died, but he didn't, and his Aunt was a clone, but then she wasn't, and at some point we all stopped caring. Don't bring this back. Please. Some people have tried and it’s worked to varying degrees, but it’s never erased the stain of the original. Just… let it lie.


The last Spider-Man films we had were less about Parker and more about the grandness and mystery of the noble Osborn family line. While we've complained about having enough of the Parkers, we've had more than enough of the Osborns as well. Sure, Norman and Peter are best friends and Norman Osborn killed his first love. But there are over a thousand Spider-Man comics, and that's just one of the many, many plots that has happened.

While we can stomach seeing Peter Parker in another movie, seeing him fight Green Goblin for what would be the fourth time (Spider-Man, Spider-Man 3 - New Goblin, The Amazing Spider-Man 2) would be too much for us. If we ever hear the name Osborn again, it will be too soon.


The fact that it’s the Year of Our Lord 2017 and this still needs to be said is mind-boggling, but we don’t need origin stories. No one has ever heard of Silver Sable but if you show her in action, everyone will be able to catch up pretty quickly. Spider-Man: Homecoming is wisely eschewing traditional origin story to just begin the action, because we all know who Spider-Man is.

In the same way, those of us who know who these characters are don't need a reintroduction. Sure, some of us don't, but you can handle that, can't you? You don't need to know the history of Black Cat to know she's cool, right? You just need to know that she's awesome and has bad luck powers. There, done. No origins, please.

Who do (or don't) you want to see in Sony's Spider-Verse? Let us know in the comments!

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