9 Coolest Moments from the "Flash" and "Arrow" NYCC Sizzle Reels

This past weekend at New York Comic-Con, Warner Bros. Television released two new sizzle reels hyping up the recently debuted fourth season of "Arrow" and second season of "The Flash."

NYCC: "Arrow" and "The Flash" Unleash Action-Packed Sizzle Reels

The reels were meant to entice, excite and get fans pumped for each of The CW show's new seasons, and from what we saw in them, well, mission accomplished. Despite many of the scenes coming from both season premieres, which already aired last week, there were more than enough character reveals, teases and fan-gasm worthy moments to give us the jitters in anticipation.

Check out the nine coolest moments from "The Flash" and "Arrow's" NYCC sizzle reels and let us know your favorite moments in the comments.

John Constantine is Back

We knew this moment would be coming since it was announced that Matt Ryan would reprise his role from the short-lived NBC series on the CW's "Arrow." But knowing is one thing; seeing is another.

Echo Kellum

We know that Echo Kellum plays a version of Mr. Terrific, one named Curtis Holt instead of Michael. And while he's not in costume here, getting to see him alongside Felicity and Oliver is, well, terrific.

Sara Emerging from the Lazarus Pit

Characters never stay dead in comics, but this is definitely one death we are 100 percent okay they're reversing. We loved Caity Lotz as Sara Lance, AKA the first Black Canary, and we can't wait to see her back in action and eventually in "Legends of Tomorrow."

Twice the Canaries, Twice the Awesome

The return of Sara also leads to this awesome moment of seeing the two Canaries -- and sisters, Sara and Laurel -- together as the two Canaries.


We assumed we'd see some scenes from Earth-2 in "The Flash," but assuming leads to making things out of you and me. However, the sizzle reel confirms we'll be seeing Earth-2 in some capacity, and more than that, we'll see Jay Garrick in action there.

Doctor Light

Name dropping in "Flash" and "Arrow" is usually never just a one-off, so when Caitlin and Cisco mentioned Dr. Light in the second season of "Arrow," we should have known it was only a matter of time before the characters showed up -- and this shot confirms the female version of the super-powered, light-bending character making an appearance and gives us a look at her costume.

In the comics, the original, male version of the character was primarily a villain, while the female version was a hero. However, Atom Smasher was mainly a hero as well and had a villainous turn in the "Flash's" season premiere. Maybe Dr. Light will go that route as well.

Kendra Saunders

Ciara Renee only says her name in this reel, but it's enough. Hawkgirl and Hawkman are coming to "The Flash," paving their way for even more adventures on "DC's Legeneds of Tomorrow," and we couldn't be more excited.


Man, just hearing Tony Todd's voice gives us chills. Hearing him and seeing Zoom, that gives us shivers both of terror and excitement. Zoom looks incredibly intimidating and Todd's voice adds to the awesome presence he already had in just this reel.

The Flash and Green Arrow

"The Flash" sizzle reel ended with a great scene between Oliver Queen and Barry Allen at Jitters discussing the Flash-inspired drink. Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin each do a great job on their respective shows, but when they're together it really is pure magic. It's as close as we're getting for now to a Justice League-style team-up -- and we love it every time.

Check out "The Flash" on Tuesdays and "Arrow" on Wednesdays, both on The CW.

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