'9-11: Emergency Relief' update, mentioned in 'Time'

[9-11: Emergency Relief]Jeff Mason, publisher of Alternative Comics, updated the comics press Monday with the latest news on their benefit comic, "9-11: Emergency Relief."

Officially announced last Monday, "9-11: Emergency Relief" brings together some of the top talent in the indie and small press circles of the comic book industry. In addition to those names previously announced providing content for the book, four more creators have been added to the list: Jeff Smith, Harvey Pekar, Joyce Brabner, and David Lasky.

"9-11: Emergency Relief" also received some big time main stream press this week.

"The '9-11: Emergency Relief' comic book benefit project was mentioned this week in the latest issue of TIME magazine (the October 1 issue) on page 112 with a reproduction of the cover of the book," said Mason. "It's in a little sidebar called Art and Comfort, about artists and celebs lending their talent to help with relief efforts. It's the last of the four pictures shown, under Nile Rodgers, Kathleen Turner and Phillip Seymour Hoffman."

More about the benefit book can be found here.

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