'9-11: Emergency Relief' grows!

[9-11: Emergency Relief]The Alternative Comics 9-11: Emergency Relief benefit project continues to grow!

Publisher Jeff Mason told CBR that again the page count of this exciting relief project has grown again, this time to an even 200 pages. The good news keeps getting better as the cost of the book stays unchanged at $14.95. Look for the book in comic stores this coming January 16th.

In addition Mason sent us the final list of contributors to the book. A brief bio of each contributor is included below.

Nick Abadzis

Nick Abadzis is a stalwart of the UK alternative cartooning scene. He moonlights as a children's author, TV scriptwriter and web-toon artist and is best known for his characters Mr Pleebus and the award-winning Hugo Tate. He lives in London with his partner, Angela. nick@nabad.demon.co.uk; Rising Trout Press, PO Box 305, Teddington, Middx. TW11 8WA, UK

Jessica Abel

Cartoonist and Illustrator Jessica Abel (Chicago, 1969) is best known for her comic-book series of short fiction, Artbabe, and her journalistic comics, such as Radio: An illustrated Guide. Her most recent book, a serialized thriller set in Mexico City, is titled La Perdida, and is published by Fantagraphics. She lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband, Matt Madden. www.artbabe.com.

Jason Alexander

The majority of Jason Alexander's career has taken place in the comics medium. It gives him the freedom to do the type of drawing and painting he loves and the opportunity to express himself through his writing. Since self-publishing the Section8 anthology in 1995, Alexander's work has gone on to appear in numerous small press comics as well as several projects for Sirius Entertainment. Over the past 4 years his work has appeared in The Best of Crypt of Dawn, Sirius Gallery 2000, Poison Elves, The Waiting Place, and his own book, Empty Zone. Recently he's worked in several White Wolf publications and book illustrations for Dalmatian Press' release of Alice in Wonderland and The Time Machine. Currently Alexander is working on another Empty Zone mini-series, finishing his art stint on Tower for The Waiting Place, and his first full-color graphic novel, Stray Pulse. sectioneight@earthlink.net.

David Alvarez

David Alvares was born, raised and still lives in Puerto Rico. Alvarez started publishing comic strips and cartoons in local newspapers and magazines, and then explored the comic book world by self-publishing a series of a humorous cartoon superhero Changuy and also worked and developed a few local animated projects. Currently, Alvarez is a freelance artist for Warner Brothers Worldwide Publishing and his work can be seen on Looney Tunes comics as a penciller. david01@caribe.net.

Graham Annable

Graham Annable was classically trained as an animator at Sheridan College in Toronto, graduating in 1992, and has worked as an animator ever since, including work on British children's TV, story boards for Chuck Jones Enterprises, Disney's A Goofy Movie, and since 1994 an extended string of computer game projects for LucasArts such as Full Throttle, The Dig, Afterlife, Outlaws, and The Curse of Monkey Island. Annable was the Lead Animator for the LucasArts video game Star Wars: Obi-Wan. His projects have won numerous animation and graphics awards including the ASIFA Annie Award, animation's highest honor, in 1998 for "Outstanding Achievement in an Animated Interactive Program." Graham currently resides in the Bay Area, California where he creates his Grickle series of books for Alternative Comics. www.indyworld.com/grickle; grickle@hotmail.com.

Donna Barr

Donna Barr has been a respected presence in Drawn Books since 1986. Her award-winning, ground-breaking, mind-twisting books, including Desert Peach and Stinz. www.stinz.com; barr@stinz.com.

Tom Beland

Tom Beland is a cartoonist from Napa Valley, California now living in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico with his wife, Lily Garcia. His strip, True Story, Swear to God is available on-line at www.yunque.net/tom. tom@yunque.net.

Gregory Benton

Artist/Writer Gregory Benton was born and lives in New York City. www.gregorybenton.com; gbenton@nyc.rr.com.

Nick Bertozzi

Nick Bertozzi lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife and daughter. He is the author of Boswash (Luxurious Comics), a map-comic, and The Masochists (Alternative Comics), and he is working on a new series for Alternative Comics. www.indyworld.com/bertozzi; nick@luxcomics.com.

Joyce Brabner

Joyce Brabner first appeared in comics as a character in her husband Harvey Pekar's autobio series, American Splendor. She pioneered cause comics and comics as journalism with such titles as Real War Stories and Brought to Light. With Harvey, she wrote a book length comics memoir, Our Cancer Year. Their adventures in marriage are now being turned into a feature film. Together, they're writing the behind scenes story, Our Movie Year. jbrabner@en.com.

Frank Cho

Frank Cho's comic books sell out, issue after issue with early issues now in later printings. His college comic strip collection, University2, The Angry Years is soon to enter its 8th printing. He has won the Charles Schulz Plaque for Excellence in Cartooning, the Scripps-Howard Award for Best College Cartoonist and the Ignatz Awards for Outstanding Artist and Outstanding Comic for Liberty Meadows. He was born Duk Hyun Cho in 1971 in Seoul, South Korea. At the age of six he and his parents came to live in the United States. In college he created University2. Upon graduation from the University of Maryland in 1996 with a degree in Nursing, he signed with Creators Syndicate, Inc. for a continuation of University2 as Liberty Meadows. He was married in April of 1999 and lives in the Baltimore area with his wife Cari and his wiener dog, Truman. www.InsightStudiosGroup.com; Insight Studios, 7844 Saint Thomas Drive, Baltimore MD 21236.

Hearn Jay Cho

Hearn Jay Cho is an oncologist in New York City. In a previous life, he wrote and/or drew Vengeance of Vampirella, Zen: Intergalactic Ninja, and Zorro. He thanks his wife Cary for providing good ideas to steal. hjc2001@med.cornell.edu.

Brian Clopper

Brian Clopper, 5th grade teacher, children's book author and cartoonist, is the creator of The Heebie-Jeebies, Monster Pals, Norton The Vampire, Graham The Gargoyle, and Cartoonists in the Classroom. www.brianclopper.com; wingnutibh@aol.com.

Nikki Coffman

Nikki Coffman began as a photographer producing primarily self-portraits using experimental processes. She and her husband, Craig, moved to Chicago to teach Graphic Design at Columbia College and attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. After taking design and photo classes and spending a semester producing and directing a new modern Opera titled "The Dig," Nikki began collaborating with Laurenn McCubbin, photographing and interpreting her semi-autobiographical stories for Laurenn's beautiful handmade books. Design opportunities drew Nikki to San Francisco where she was soon joined by Laurenn and they began working on XXX Live Nude Girls. Nikki and Craig moved back to Omaha, Nebraska to rediscover the good life and to have a baby in February. Laurenn and Nikki continue their work long-distance. www.xxxlivenudegirls.com; nikki@xxxlivenudegirls.com.

Daniel Cooney

Daniel Cooney, 31, is a graphic designer by day and aspiring comic book illustrator by night. There's no sleep for this aging hipster who is the artist/writer of Valentine: Assassin For Hire, published by Red Eye Press. www.valentine4hire.com.

Guy Davis

Guy Davis' first creator owned series Baker Street, led him to Sandman Mystery Theatre for DC Comics/Vertigo. Other works include The Nevermen, Hellblazer, Grendel: Black, White and Red, The Phantom Stranger, House of Secrets, Brave Old World, Aliens: Survival, Terminator, Batman: Shadow of the Bat, Swamp Thing and various spot illustrations for White Wolf Games. His current creator owned book The Marquis continues through Oni Press. GDavis3265@aol.com.

Tom Derenick

Born 1969 in Scranton PA, Tom Derenick started his career in comics with Subtle Violents for Cry For Dawn Productions. Since then he's worked for many companies including Marvel Comics and DC Comics on titles including Star Trek, Venom and X-Men. He currently works for Marvel Comics on various X-Men related projects as well as Marvel's first creator-owned series in many years, Nightside. He is also currently co-plotting Wolverine/Captain America: The Contingency for Marvel Comics. manthing75@aol.com.

Danny Donovan

Born in Portsmouth Virginia, Danny Donovan traveled extensively, just seeing what he could see. He spent three years living in North Yorkshire, England and recently coming back to the states in 1998 where he presently lives in the mountains of North Carolina with plans to head back to his place of birth soon. He began his career in 1998 with his web comic Hardcore and working for other small press companies along the way. Currently he works for Committed Comics and Marvel Comics. www.dannydonovan.com; impulse545@aol.com.

Will Eisner

Will Eisner has been a pioneering force in comics for over sixty years. His career spans groundbreaking work in early newspaper comics to the mature graphic novels that he continues to produce today. In addition to producing a continuing legacy of great work, Eisner taught cartooning at the School of Visual Arts in New York, and is the author of two definitive works examining the creative process, Comics and Sequential Art and Graphic Storytelling. Each year he presides over the Eisner Awards, established in 1988, presented each year at Comic-Con International in San Diego. Recently, his work was gained wider recognition when it was showcased in the Whitney Museum's 1996 "NYNY: City of Ambition" show. Eisner has been cited as an inspiration by cartoonists from all corners of the genre, and his influence is seen as widely. He remains one of the most active, vital, and prolific forces in the comics' field today. www.willeisner.com.

Steve Ellis

Steve Ellis has had a varied career in comics working in both the mainstream (Marvel, DC) and the independent area. His favorite projects so far have been his self- published Sci-fi comic Tranquility, and drawing Lobo for DC Comics. Recently, he co-created Jezebelle for Wildstorm. Ellis does a lot of gaming art too, for Whitewolf Games and his own project "STUPERPOWERS Deluxe: The First Class Game for Third Rate Heroes." Currently, Steve is developing new projects and spends his free time with his wife and cats. www.hyperactiveart.com; steve@hyperactiveart.com


Fly has been living and squatting in the lower East side of Manhattan since 1990. Mostly she paints and draws comix and illustrations. Her work has appeared in the New York Press, Village Voice, San Francisco Bay Guardian, The Comics Journal, The Bradleys (Fantagraphics Books), Raygun, World War 3 Illustrated, Maximumrocknroll, and numerous others. Fly's first book - CHRON!IC!RIOTS!PA!SM! was published by Brooklyn-based Autonomedia in 1999. She is currently working on a collection of portraits and stories called Peops which will be published by Soft Skull in the fall of 2002. www.bway.net/~fly; fly@bway.net; PO Box 1318, Cooper Station, New York, NY 10276.

Renée French

Renée French has been writing and illustrating comic books since 1991. She's the creator of the Fantagraphics Books series Grit Bath, the Dark Horse graphic novels, The Ninth Gland and Corny's Fetish, the Oni Press book, Marbles in My Underpants: The Renée French Collection, and the recently released picture book, The Soap Lady, published by Top Shelf Publications. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and a hermit crab. www.reneefrench.com; renee@mightycheese.com.

Jenny Gonzalez

Jenny Gonzalez currently resides in Brooklyn, New York, where she divides her time between cartooning, fronting her band Mz. PakMan, and other projects. Her work has appeared in various places such as The ComicStore.com, Legal Action Comics, and gURL.com, as well as gracing T-shirts at the Anna Sui boutique and the pages of NY Metropolis. www.angelfire.com/ny3/devildoll; lilrenoir@aol.com; PO Box 22477, Brooklyn, NY 11202-2477.

Derek Gray

Living in the UK, Derek Gray works as a freelance illustrator at the Scottish Cartoon Art Studio in Glasgow. The page he created for this book is his first professionally published comics work for a number of years as he is now concentrating on illustration, caricaturing and storyboarding. www.scottishcartoons.com; Scottish Cartoon Art Studio, Ladywell, 94 Duke Street, Glasgow, G4 0UW, United Kingdom.

Eric Wolfe Hanson

Eric Wolfe Hanson has illustrated G.I.Joe and Tellos: Sons & Moons for Image Comics. Hanson lives in Richmond, Virginia with his lovely wife, Trish, and their three cats. ericwolfehanson@aol.com.

Tomer Hanuka

Tomer Hanuka was born in Israel. After three years of mandatory Army service he moved to New York. He works as a freelance illustrator for publications such as the New Yorker, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, and TIME. He was awarded the gold and silver medals from the Society of Illustrators, and is featured in Print magazine. Also, he has been self-publishing a comic book called Bipolar with twin brother Assaf. He lives in Brooklyn. www.thanuka.com; tomer@thanuka.com.

Jim Harrison

Jim Harrison is a noted graphic designer and illustrator with DECA Design in Gainesville, Florida. His comics work includes various freelance assignments as well as 4 issues of his creation Humongous Man, with partner Dan Stepp. InkPotJim@aol.com.

Tom Hart

Many of Tom Hart's comics feature the confrontational pariah, Hutch Owen, squaring off within and against the forces of multi-nationalism and corporate hegemony. His stories, often examine issues with an uncommon objectivity and emotional depth. Tom Hart was born in upstate New York and lived in Seattle, Texas, Morocco, Florida and Boston before settling in New York City. www.newhatstories.com; tomhart@newhatstories.com

Dean Haspiel

Dean Haspiel is the author of semi-autobiographical comix and super-psychedelic romances. Haspiel's aggro-moxie appears regularly in The Billy Dogma experience (Top Shelf); heart-charming tales about the last romantic anti-hero, and Opposable Thumbs (Alternative Comics); episodic tales about a native New Yorker. www.DeanHaspiel.com; dino@cobite.com.

Jon "Bean" Hastings

Jon "Bean" Hastings is the creator of Smith Brown Jones: Alien Accountant and Mad Science. His Lovely wife Terry is a former fire fighter and he spent most of 9/11 thinking what it would be like to lose her. He didn't like it at all. This was the hardest story he's ever had to write. www.beantoons.com; kiwistudios@compuserve.com .

Phillip Hester

Phillip Hester was born in Iowa, 1966 where he still lives with his wife and two children. Past credits (Artist): Swamp Thing, The Crow:Waking Nightmares, Brave Old World, Fringe; (Writer): The Coffin; (Writer & Artist): The Wretch, Taboo, Deadline USA, Negative Burn. Current and upcoming work: Green Arrow and The Brave and The Bold for DC Comics, Deep Sleeper for Oni Press, and The Wretch for Slave Labor Graphics. pahester@netINS.net.

Sam Hester

Sam Hester has been picturing her life as a comic strip for as long as she can remember, so she was very glad to be able to contribute to thisproject. Sam is a Calgary-based artist, and her autobiographical comic strip can be found at www.thedrawingbook.com. sam@thedrawingbook.com

Marc Hempel

A native of Chicago, Marc's work first appeared in Epic Illustrated, Heavy Metal and Questar. After moving to Baltimore to join forces with Mark Wheatley at Insight Studios, the two collaborated on the acclaimed series MARS and Breathtaker. Marc is perhaps best known for his work on The Sandman, and for his own humor books, Gregory and Tug & Buster. www.InsightStudiosGroup.com; Insight Studios, 7844 Saint Thomas Drive, Baltimore MD 21236.

K. Thor Jensen

K. Thor Jensen, 25, is a New York resident currently traveling around America gathering material for his next book, Red Eye, Black Eye. www.shortandhappy.com; kthor@portalofevil.com; PO Box 250593, New York, NY 10025.

Neil Kleid

A Detroit native, Neil Kleid moved to Manhattan in 1999, where he created "Stand Up Comics" – forums designed to elevate awareness of the comics medium. He co-founded the Third Eye Publishing Anthology and writes Bit City for Committed Comics, as well as features for the on-line PopImage.com. Kleid is working on perfecting the art of "rant" comics with Singles Night, his upcoming autobiographic novel. thirdeyepublishing.homestead.com/Neil.html; slashr3@aol.com

Keith Knight

Keith Knight is a cartoonist, rapper, teacher and media activist. His two comic strips, "(th)ink" and "the k chronicles" can be found in various newspapers, magazines, and websites around the world. His hip-hop/garage band, The Marginal Prophets, isn't very popular at all. keeflix@hotmail.com; PO Box 591794, San Francisco, CA 94159-1794.

Chris Knowle

Chris Knowle is a walking repository of odd stories, tall tales, and embarrassing memories. He works as a graphic designer and illustrator in Washington DC.

James Kochalka

James Kochalka has been keeping a daily diary in comic strip form since October of 1998. His contribution to this book consists of his diary entries from September 11 and the days immediately following the tragedy. They vary in tone from being heartfelt to being snotty and flippant, but they accurately reflect the range of emotions that he, and many others (one presumes), went through that week. Kochalka's diary strips are being collected by Top Shelf Productions and published in a series titled The Sketchbook Diaries. The first volume is currently available from www.topshelfcomix.com. www.indyworld.com/kochalka; james@indyworld.com.

James Anthony Kuhoric

James Anthony Kuhoric is a seven-year professional in the comic book industry with a degree in psychology and sociology from the University of Maryland. He has written over two-dozen comics including the sci-fi mainstays Battlestar Galactica and First Wave. Currently he is writing the upcoming series Roger Corman's Black Scorpion with artist Greg LaRocque and is developing a creator owned series with artist Neil Vokes. His most important role in life is being the father of two very special boys – James "Jay" Anthony and Zachary Allen Kuhoric. james_kuhoric@hotmail.com.

Peter Kuper

Peter Kuper's work has appeared in, among others, TIME, Newsweek, The New York Times, and Mad, where he illustrates "Spy vs. Spy." In 1979, Kuper co-founded the political comix magazine World War 3 Illustrated and is currently co-editing issue #32. His comics have been translated into German, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Spanish and Greek and his artwork has been exhibited around the world. His most recent book Speechless is a coffee table art book covering his career to date published by Top Shelf Productions. www.peterkuper.com; kuperart@aol.com.

Michael Kupperman

Michael Kupperman is a cartoonist and illustrator whose work has appeared in The New Yorker, Fortune, The New York Times, Heavy Metal, LA Weekly, and the Oxford American. His book Snake'N'Bacons Cartoon Cabaret was published in September 2000 by Harper Collins, and his work was adapted for the Comedy Central show TV Funhouse. He lives and works in New York City. mkupperman@earthlink.net.

Greg LaRocque

Greg LaRocque is a twenty plus year veteran of comics. His career began in 1980 and has included stints with both DC Comics and Marvel Comics on titles including Legion of Superheroes, Marvel Team Up, The Avengers, and Web of Spider-Man. His kinetic storytelling style was epitomized in the classic Flash story arc "Return of Barry Allen." Through Exiled Studios Greg was able to unleash his creator-owned projects Crybaby and The Exiled. exstudio@aol.com.

David Lasky

Originally from the Virginia suburbs, David Lasky moved to Seattle in 1992, where he joined the ranks of a new wave of young "alternative cartoonists." He has since produced a number of experimental comic books, including a nine page adaptation of Joyce's Ulysses. Urban Hipster, his collaboration with Greg Stump, was nominated for a Harvey Award in 1999. www.indyworld.com/uh; davidlasky@yahoo.com.

Layla Lawlor

A graphic artist, illustrator, minicomic creator and former Alaskan hippie-child now living in Illinois, Layla Lawlor self-publishes Raven's Children, a graphic novel serialized in chapters. She also write for the comics webzine Sequential Tart and has been known to refer to herself in the third person. www.ravenschildren.com; layla@ravenschildren.com; Shadowgrass Design, PO Box 3283, Champaign, IL 61826-3283.

Carol Lay

Carol Lay has been in the comics racket for quite some time. Her weekly strip, Story Minute, appears in several daily and weekly papers in the United States and abroad. www.waylay.com.

A. David Lewis

A. David Lewis hails from Boston, a graduate of Brandeis University. Now at Georgetown University, Dave has presented conference papers on comic books across the continent and is working with Committed Comics, The Third Eye Group, and other collaborators on upcoming projects. He thanks his loved ones for their support. adl6@georgetown.edu.

Ellen Lindner

Ellen Lindner is an emerging wit in the New York City comix scene. In her zine/comix compilation little white bird/MEGACOM, comix Beatnik Love and The Egg Mysterious, Ellen explores the malaise of relationships, rubbernecking boys through the dual lens: patriarchy and pleasure. Her brazenly introspective humor, rock-fashion edge and graphic styling meld subversive context with romantic content while revealing the mystery of female orgasm. She's a sista. littlewhitebird@fantasticteam.com

Mike Manley

Mike Manley was born in Detroit, Michigan. His powerful and expressive drawings, dynamic inks and strong story telling skills, have made him an in-demand artist for some of comic's top titles for all of the major publishers and animation studios from Marvel, DC, Warner Bros, Disney to the Cartoon Network. www.actionplanet.com.

Jason Martin

All around inker Jason Martin has worked on a wide variety of books for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse, Wildstorm and Image. Contributing to this comic was something he felt strongly about, and was glad to do. www.artplayboy.com; artplayboy@hotmail.com.

Jeff Mason

Jeff Mason is the publisher of Alternative Comics, a company billed as "publishers of cool comic books." When Jeff is not working on Alternative Comics' latest release, he is working diligently to protect everyone's rights as a criminal defense lawyer in Gainesville, Florida. www.indyworld.com/comics; jmason@indyworld.com.

Laurenn McCubbin

Laurenn McCubbin has done a little bit of everything. She's been a retail slave, an office drone, a stripper, a teacher, a successful graphic designer and a broke art student. A California native, she moved to Chicago to attend the School of the Art Institute on a scholarship, then scurried back to her beloved Bay Area as soon as she graduated. She and Nikki Coffman began collaborating as students in Chicago, and on moving to San Francisco they resumed their collaboration in XXX Live Nude Girls. She continues doing freelance design, lettering translations of Japanese comics and silk-screening postcards and prints. www.xxxlivenudegirls.com; laurenn@xxxlivenudegirls.com.

Darren Merinuk

Darren Merinuk's internationally obscure artwork has appeared on dozens of releases by punk/rock'n'roll bands from all over North America, Europe and Japan. His comic art and stories have appeared in Rockin' Bones, 3-D Space Zombies and others even less well-known. His future plans are built around the probability of continued obscurity. Merinuk lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. merinuk@aol.com


Metaphrog are a Franco-Scottish duo comprising Sandra Marrs, art, and John Chalmers, words and lettering. Their publications include The Maze, Vermin, Strange Weather Lately and the Louis' series. The scary cute Louis – Red Letter Day received multiple Eisner and Ignatz Award nominations. www.metaphrog.com.

Tony Millionaire

Tony Millionaire lives in Los Angeles. His comic strip MAAKIES can be seen in weeklies across the country, with collections published by Fantagraphics Books. His comic book Sock Monkey is published by Dark Horse Comics and Sock Monkey – A Children's Book is available in book stores now. www.maakies.com; millionaire@mindspring.com.

Gray Morrow

Sadly, Gray Morrow passed away shortly after completing his work on this book. Gray Morrow was part of the generation that broke into comics in the 1950s, and he mastered a distinctive "fantastic realist" style that was tailor-made to science fiction and horror. Morrow worked for almost every comic book publisher in the United States during his long career, and was probably best known for his lush wash work on the Warren horror books Creepy and Eerie. He was also a regular cover artist at Warren. In the late 1970s, Morrow turned in what many say is his greatest work, on The Illustrated Roger Zelazny. He was a regular contributor to science fiction magazines such as If and Galaxy. Gray Morrow's cover paintings for paperback books, as well as his many posters for motion pictures established him as a popular illustrator outside of the comic book field. He also had a career in animation, with the fondly remembered Spider-Man television series to his credit. He was a master illustrator who had the respect and friendship of his peers. His wealth of talent, which enabled him to build an astonishingly deep catalog of work in different areas of illustration, serves as a fitting legacy for his diverse career.

Scott Morse

Scott Morse is the Eisner and Ignatz Award nominated creator of Soulwind, Visitations, and Volcanic Revolver. His comics work also includes The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror, Star Wars Tales, and the comic book companion to the Jim Jarmusch film Ghost Dog. His current work includes the series Magic Pickle for Oni Press, and Ancient Joe for Dark Horse. In animation, Morse has worked as an art director and storyboard artist for Universal and Cartoon Network, most notably on the Emmy Award nominated Cow and Chicken. www.crazyfish.net; crazymorse@earthlink.net.

Jason Narvaez

Raised in the Bronx, Jason Narvaez would lose himself in his comic collection for hours, if not days, at a time. He attended the High School of Art & Design and mostly credits any lessons learned to other students. In the early to mid-1990s, he visited the offices of DC Comics and received invaluable advice on how he could improve his artwork. Narvaez currently manages the graphics department for a top consulting company and has continued to pursue his life-long passion of drawing comics. home.earthlink.net/~bidexx; jncomix@arghstudios.com.

Josh Neufeld

Josh Neufeld has been drawing comics since he was four years old. With writer R. Walker, Josh has recently published Titans of Finance (Alternative Comics), a satire comic of the financial world featuring true tales of money & business. Josh also co-created Keyhole, where he does stories about his travel experiences in Southeast Asia and Central Europe. He has contributed artwork to Harvey Pekar's American Splendor, the SPX anthologies, and many other comics. Josh resides in Brooklyn and makes a living mixing freelance illustration with web design. www.josh.neufeld.com; joshn@mindspring.com.

Mike Avon Oeming

Mike Avon Oeming began his career inking for Innovation Comics at the age of 14. He has inked Daredevil, Avengers and various titles for Marvel Comics, pencils/inks on Judge Dredd and the Big Books at DC Comics. After stumbling into Foot Soldiers at Dark Horse, Mike and writer/partner Bryan J.L. Glass, created Ship of Fools as a six issue mini-series originally published by Caliber Press. He is co creator of Eisner Award winning book Powers with Brian Bendis and currently creates his Hammer of the Gods comic book series with Mark Wheatley and Insight Studios. Mike lives in New Jersey with his wife and son. oeming@aol.com.

Peter Palmiotti

Peter Palmiotti has been inking comic books for years including Aquaman for DC Comics, many titles for Marvel Comics, Crusade Comics, Acclaim, and is currently working on Valentine with Daniel Cooney for Red Eye Press and his Penance series for Red Anvil.

Ande Parks

Ande Parks has been employed in the glamorous world of comic book inking for over a decade, working on such titles as Superman, Wonder Woman and Catwoman. He has often been teamed with his long-time friend, Phil Hester. The duo has won acclaim for their bold, graphic style. Parks has also created his own characters, Uncle Slam and Fire Dog. He is currently continuing his work on Green Arrow, and writing a gangster graphic novel. He lives in Kansas with his lovely wife and daughter. www.uncleslam.com; ande@uncleslam.com.

Harvey Pekar

With his mostly autobiographical stories, Pekar has fearlessly pursued the mundanities of life: going to the market, shoveling snow, talking with co-workers, and elevated them to a work of art. Pekar uses a simple but induplicable device to hold the reader's interest - sheer force of personality. Most everything in his seminal autobiographical comic book "American Splendor" revolves around Harvey Pekar. From outright autobiography to essays (or "rants" as he calls them) on subjects he cares about, over the twenty-five years Pekar has created a remarkable hot/cold effect with his self-portrayal. hpekar@aol.com; PO Box 1847; Cleveland Heights, OH 44118.

Chris Pitzer

Chris Pitzer's first memory of comics was a House of Mystery, which had a monster breaking out of a box in the attic. Pitzer has worked at Eclipse Comics (as their Art Director), and Wildstorm and IDW in the capacity of freelance designer and colorist. Currently, Pitzer likes to publish minis every now and then. pitzerboy@aol.com.

Evan Quiring

Evan Quiring lives, draws, plays guitar and sleeps occasionally in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Previous work includes the self-published, small print runs of Insane World (1996) and Midnight Comics (1998). smokescreen_ii@hotmail.com.

Ted Rall

Ted Rall, 38, is an editorial and social-commentary cartoonist for Universal Press Syndicate. A Pulitzer Prize finalist and two-time RFK Journalism Award winner, Rall is the author of seven books, including the graphic novels My War With Brian and 2024, as well as the Gen X manifesto Revenge of the Latchkey Kids. www.rall.com.

Andy Ristaino

Andy Ristaino is a freelance animator/illustrator from Massachusetts. Ristaino is currently working on the two titles Life of a Fetus and The Babysitter for Slave Labor Graphics. rashanko@yahoo.com.

Alex Robinson

Alex Robinson's graphic novel Box Office Poison was released by Top Shelf Productions in 2001, and he is hard at work at his second book, tentatively titled Sophomore Slump. He is a little over six feet tall and he lives with his girlfriend Kristen in New York City. members.aol.com/ComicBookAlex; ComicBookAlex@aol.com.

Harry Roland

During the 1970s Harry Roland contributed cover paintings for Warren Publication's Famous Monsters of Filmland, cover paintings and line art for Amazing and Fantastic and other similar projects. Since then he has been involved in non-comic corporate and agency art assignments. In 2001 Harry joined the gang of creators at Insight Studios. www.InsightStudiosGroup.com; Insight Studios, 7844 Saint Thomas Drive, Baltimore MD 21236.

David Roman

Dave Roman is the writer/co-creator of the comic book series Quicken Forbidden, which is published by Cryptic Press. He works for Nickelodeon Magazine and is the comics editor for Nicktoons Specials. Roman has also written a few stories for DC Comics' Dexter's Laboratory series based on the popular Cartoon Network show and he secretly draws his own comics when no one is looking. www.realmsend.com; deviated2@aol.com.

Gail Simone

Gail Simone got started in the comics business as a humorist for comicbookresources.com. Since then, she's written numerous Simpsons comics and Sunday strips, Killer Princesses for Oni Press, and is currently writing Night Nurse and Deadpool for Marvel Comics. gailcbr@yahoo.com; PO Box 485, Florence, OR 97439.

Jeff Smith

Born and raised in the American mid-west, Jeff Smith learned about cartooning from comic strips, comic books, and watching animation on TV. After four years of drawing comic strips for Ohio State's student newspaper, Smith co-founded the Character Builders animation studio in 1986. In 1991, he launched a company called Cartoon Books to publish his independent comic book Bone, a comedy/adventure about three lost cousins from Boneville. Against all odds, the small company flourished, building a reputation for quality stories and artwork. Word of mouth, critical acclaim, and a string of major awards, which continues to this day, helped propel Cartoon Books and Bone to the forefront of the comic book industry - an industry not known for its openness to non-action heroes. In the American comic book direct market (the largest system of comic book retail stores) Bone has risen to the #1 spot for humor. Jeff Smith's work is published in thirteen languages and has won the highest awards in Germany, France, Italy and at home. Jeff Smith currently works and resides in Columbus, Ohio. www.boneville.com; PO Box 16973, Columbus, OH 43216

Tommy Sommerville

Co-creator of the Scottish humour comic Electric Soup, and co-founder of the Scottish Cartoonist & Comic Artist Members Club, Tommy Sommerville has been drawing cartoons for as long as he can remember. He lives in Glasgow, and works at the Scottish Cartoon Art Studio, particularly as a caricaturist. www.scottishcartoons.com; Scottish Cartoon Art Studio, Ladywell, 94 Duke Street, Glasgow, G4 0UW, United Kingdom.

Jen Sorensen

Jen Sorensen is the creator of Slowpoke, a weekly comic strip that appears in several alternative newspapers throughout the US, for which she was nominated twice for the Friends of Lulu Kimberly Yale Award for Best New Talent. Slowpoke, which serves up political and social commentary with an absurdist twist, grew out of a popular daily strip she drew while a student at the University of Virginia. Jen was recently awarded a Xeric Grant to publish Slowpoke: Cafe Pompous. Jen Sorensen's work has also appeared in several other publications, including The Big Book of the '70s (DC/Paradox Press), Action Girl Comics, Dignifying Science, Empty Love Stories, the EXPO anthologies, and will be featured alongside such luminaries as Matt Groening and Tom Tomorrow in Ted Rall's upcoming book on alternative political cartoonists. Jen Sorensen lives in Charlottesville Virginia, where she also does web design. www.slowpokecomics.com; jls6c@virginia.edu.

John Staton

An independent illustrator with a flair for the technical, John Staton has worked on everything from aircraft concept renderings for military engineering contracts, to production sketches for all the weird machines depicted in computer and role playing game manuals, to manga girl comic strips. Marvel Comics has benefitted from his dramatic depictions of Spider-Man and the Punisher, and his art has appeared in syndicated newspaper strips nationwide and on CNN. Presently, John works as a production manager at Insight Studios Group, where he lends his considerable talents to the publication of such popular comic books as Liberty Meadows, and Hammer of the Gods, and online comics such as Doctor Cyborg. www.InsightStudiosGroup.com; Insight Studios, 7844 Saint Thomas Drive, Baltimore MD 21236.

Steve Stegelin

Steve Stegelin is best known as the creator of the cult comic book Boondoggle, currently running in strip form at www.popimage.com/boondoggle and in various anthologies. He resides in coastal Charleston, South Carolina with his wife and daughter. stevesteglin@juno.com.

Eric Thériault

Thériault has been a published cartoonist in the Québec area since 1982. He debuted on the American market by publishing in Melody (Kitchen Sink Press), Real Stuff (Fantagaphics) and The Jam (Dark Horse, Slave Labor). In 1999, Veena, his mini-comic about nostalgia, time travel and other personal topics became a self-published comic book. www.cam.org/~veena; veena@cam.org

Robert Ullman

Robert Ullman has been diligently pumping out issues of his mini-comic From the Curve for six years, and his spot illustrations appear weekly in several alternative newspapers on the East coast. A resident of North Carolina, his comics work includes Signifying Nothing, a collection of his best cartoons from 1994 to 1998, Atom-Bomb Bikini, and World's Apart. The first issue of the all-new, big time From the Curve is slated to debut in 2002 from Alternative Comics. www.lurid.com/chappy; fromcurve@yahoo.com

Neil Vokes

Neil Vokes is a middle aged Hammer film fan with a Dr. Pepper addiction who has drawn comic books for 17 years. Vokes has a wife who supports him, a daughter who is the light of his life, and a job that makes him feel young every time he sits at his drawing table. ndv45@home.com.

Lauren Weinstein

Lauren R. Weinstein was born in 1975. Then she went to school. Now, for some reason, they let her do a weekly comic in Seattle's The Stranger. She also gets to corrupt teenage girls' minds with her comics for gURL.com. She likes that. vineshtein@mindspring.com.

Mark Wheatley

Mark Wheatley is known internationally as an accomplished illustrator, writer, editor, and publisher. He has won the Inkpot, Speakeasy, Gem and Mucker awards and been nominated for the Harvey and Ignatz awards for his comic book and pulp creations that include Breathtaker, Radical Dreamer, MARS and Titanic Tales. His illustration work, chosen for inclusion in the annual Spectrum selection of the best in fantasy and science fiction art, has also appeared in magazines, books, comic books and on games. He has written books, comic books and television shows. Currently he is writing Michael Avon Oeming's Hammer of the Gods comic book series and acting as publisher for Insight Studios Group. www.InsightStudiosGroup.com; Insight Studios, 7844 Saint Thomas Drive, Baltimore MD 21236.

Shannon Wheeler

Shannon Wheeler was born a while back and went to various schools. None of the schools managed to knock enough sense into him to keep him from becoming a cartoonist. Currently he draws a comic strip called Too Much Coffee Man and contributes his efforts to a magazine of the same name. www.tmcm.com; wheeler@tmcm.com.

Ashley Wood

Ashley Wood was born in Western Australia and now lives with his wife and children in Arizona. An award winning artist and illustrator his work has contributed towards and appeared in numerous movie, television and music industry projects, comic books and graphic novels, children's books and book covers. www.ashleywood.com.

Meredith Yayanos

Meredith Yayanos is a professional violinist who lives and works in lower Manhattan. She has performed at countless downtown venues including Tonic, the Knitting Factory, the Bowery Ballroom, CBGB's, and the F-train platform at 2nd Avenue. mabqueenie@yahoo.com.

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