'9-11: Emergency Relief' gears up, preview of story

[9-11: Emergency Relief]Now that Marvel Comics' "Heroes" tribute book has hit store shelves it's time for the spotlight to move onto another World Trade Center tribute book, the indie-dominated "9-11: Emergency Relief" due in stores January, 2002.

As detailed in a September 13th interview, "9-11" is spearheaded by Jeff Mason, publisher of Alternative Comics, and the book will feature thoughtful and introspective stories by some of indie comics top talent.

This week Mason released some news on the book, indicating that the book, which benefits the American Red Cross, will be expanded to 160 pages instead of the previously listed 128 pages, yet the price will remain the same at $14.95.

Mason also included the latest list of contributors which are:

  • Daniel Cooney
  • Leela Corman
  • Guy Davis
  • Tom Derenick
  • Danny Donovan
  • Will Eisner
  • Evan Forsch
  • Dan Fraga
  • Jenny Gonzalez
  • Eric Wolfe Hanson
  • Tomer Hanuka
  • Tom Hart
  • Dean Haspiel
  • Jon Bean Hastings
  • Marc Hempel
  • Phillip Hester
  • Samantha Hester
  • K. Thor Jensen
  • Neil Kleid
  • James Kochalka
  • Michael Kupperman
  • Darron Laessig
  • David Lasky
  • A. David Lewis
  • Jon Lewis
  • [9-11]
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    One of the contributors to this book is cartoonist Tom Beland of "True Story Swear To God" fame. Beland sent CBR News the story he wrote and drew for "9-11."

    "In this story, I wanted to focus on the emotional side of the events of Sept. 11," Beland told CBR News Wednesday. "I didn't want to focus on the obvious things, such as the towers, the firemen or the planes. There was a reason why this hit me so close to home and this piece examines that issue."

    Look for more on this book and a preview of Tom Beland's own comic book in the coming days here at CBR.

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