'9-11: Emergency Relief' cartoonists take to NYC radio show

Official Press Release

On Tuesday December 18, 10pm - 11pm, cartoonists and the Editor of the 9-11: Emergency Relief benefit anthology comic book will take to the air to talk about their work in the book and comics after September 11 on the 'Nuff Said! radio show on WBAI-FM, 99.5 in the New York City metropolitan area.with Lauren Weinstein, Josh Neufeld, Neil Kleid (all New Yorkers), editor Jeff Mason, and others. The show will also be available via live stream on-line at http://www.nuffsaid.net/

'Nuff Said!, the comic book interview/talk show, is on the air and over the internet for a full hour every Tuesday at 10 PM EST on WBAI-FM, 99.5 in the New York City metropolitan area. There are two live streams (via http://www.2600.com and http://www.escape.com) that are accessible from the 'Nuff Said! web site, http://www.nuffsaid.net.

Other upcoming shows of note include Tuesday, January 8 and 15 - Jules Feiffer. It takes at least two shows to do his career justice. He wrote for Will Eisner in the 1950s; wrote The Great Comic Book Heroes, one of the first books about comic book history; and did the syndicated strip Feiffer until last year. Plus Jules Feiffer is a screenwriter, playwright, children's book author, and teacher. That's why 'Nuff Said! is spending two weeks with him. Your phone calls in week two. Connect early.

WBAI-FM, 99.5, is a 50,000 watt station broadcast from the Empire State Building. Their signal usually gets out to New Haven, CT; Westhampton, L.I.; the Poconos of Pennsylvania, Orange County, NY and Trenton & Princeton, NJ. But via the internet for an even greater distance. 'Nuff Said! covers the entire world of comics: golden age, silver age, contemporary, mainstream, independent, underground, foreign, strips and fandom. Hosted by Ken Gale (interviewer) with Mercy E. Van Vlack. WBAI-FM is a Pacifica Network station, so if your local station carries any Pacifica programming such as Explorations, Democracy Now and Gary Null, they might be able to get 'Nuff Said! as well.

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