'9-11: Emergency Relief' benefit book signing tour announced

Official Press Release

[9-11: Emergency Relief]Gainesville, Florida, January 5, 2002: Alternative Comics announced that with the January 9 release of their 9-11: Emergency Relief benefit comic book anthology (ISBN 1-891867-12-1), over 50 contributing cartoonists begin a signing tour across the United States and Europe with 18 confirmed scheduled stops starting in New York City on January 17. Each tour stop will be an event at which participating cartoonists will be signing and discussing the 9-11: Emergency Relief book and their other works.

"The terrorist attacks in New York, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001 touched people worldwide," said Alternative Comics Publisher Jeff Mason, "and cartoonists have turned to art to express their grief and support." 9-11: Emergency Relief is a comic book project to benefit the American Red Cross featuring some of the comic world's leading talents. From legendary creators such as Will Eisner and Harvey Pekar to new talents on the cutting edge of the comics medium such as James Kochalka and cover artist Frank Cho, over 80 cartoonists from all areas of the cartooning world have joined together in this community effort. Released January 9, 2002 from Alternative Comics, 9-11: Emergency Relief is a collection of these cartoonists' personal non-fiction accounts of their experiences related to the tragedy. At $14.95 and at 208 pages, all profits from the 9-11 Emergency Relief trade paperback will be donated to the American Red Cross.

Details of the confirmed 9-11: Emergency Relief Signing Tour stops:

Thursday January 17, 5pm - 7pm

Midtown Comics

200 West 40th Street (and 7th Avenue), 2nd Floor

New York, New York 10018.

Telephone: 212-302-8192.

E-Mail: info@midtowncomics.com (Gerry Gladston)

Web: http://www.midtowncomics.com/

No admission cost.

With: Michael Avon Oeming, Josh Neufeld, Dean Haspiel, Jessica Abel, Tom Hart, Ted Rall, Alex Robinson, Nick Bertozzi, Evan Forsch, Peter Kuper and others (all New Yorkers).

Saturday January 19, 1pm - 4pm

Beyond Comics

3060 M Street NW

Washington, DC (Georgetown) 20007.

Telephone: 202-333-8651.

E-Mail: burntigr@erols.com (Jon Cohen)

Web: http://www.beyondcomics.com/

No admission cost.

With: A. David Lewis, Chris Pitzer, K. Thor Jensen, Ellen Lindner, Danny Donovan, Neil Vokes, Sam Hester, Robert Ullman, and others.

Saturday January 19, 1:30pm - 6:30pm


Tasty World (http://www.tastyworld.net)

312 East Broad Street (at the corner of Jackson and Broad Streets just next to the campus of the University of Georgia)

Athens, Georgia

Telephone: 706-543-0797

E-Mail: angelhead@netscape.net (Todd Bak)

With: Steve Stegelin, Jeff Mason, and others. More details to be released.

Wednesday January 22 - February 7

Heroes Among Us - Comic Book Art Exhibit

New York City Fire Museum (http://www.nycfiremuseum.org)

278 Spring Street

New York, NY 10013.

Telephone: 212-691-1303

Press contact: Sean Lough, The New York City Comic Book Museum, phone: 917-710-2779; nyccbm_press@hotmail.com.

The New York City Comic Book Museum (http://www.nyccomicbookmuseum.org/) is exhibiting artwork from Marvel's Heroes, Alternative Comics' 9-11: Emergency Relief, and other benefit comic books at the New York City Fire Museum starting on Tuesday, January 22. The exhibit is open for three weeks and may be viewed during 10am to 5pm Tuesdays through Saturdays and 10am to 4pm Sundays. A $4 donation to visit the Museum is suggested.

January 24 - 27

Angouleme Comic Book Festival

Angouleme, France

E-Mail: info@bdangouleme.com

Web: http://www.bdangouleme.com/

With: Mark Wheatley, Tom Hart, Jeff Smith, Metaphrog, and others.

Saturday January 26, Noon - 4pm

Richmond Comix

8523 Midlothian Turnpike

Richmond, Virginia 23235.

Telephone: 804-330-3460.

E-Mail: richmix@home.com (Frank Miller)

Web: http://www.richmondcomix.com/

No admission cost.

With: Chris Pitzer, Robert Ullman, Jennifer Sorensen, Eric Wolfe Hanson, Danny Donovan, Renee French, and others.

Saturday January 26, 3pm - 5pm

Meltdown Comics

7522 Sunset Blvd.

Los Angeles, California 90046.

Telephone: 323-851-7223 or 823-851-0393.

E-Mail: Patty@meltcomics.com (Patty DeFrank)

Web: http://www.meltcomics.com/

No admission cost.

With: Tony Millionaire, Scott Morse, Fly, Graham Annable, Laurenn McCubbin, Andy Ristaino and others.

Thursday January 31, 7pm - 9pm

Atomic Books

1100 West 36th Street

Baltimore, Maryland 21211.

Telephone: 410-662-4444.

E-Mail: rachel@atomicbooks.com (Rachel Whang)

Web: http://www.atomicbooks.com/

No admission cost.

With: Frank Cho, Brian Clopper, Neil Kleid, A. David Lewis, K. Thor Jensen, James Kuhoric, Danny Donovan, Greg LaRoque, and others.

Saturday February 2, 6pm - 9pm

Comic Relief

2138 University Avenue

Berkeley, California 94704.

Telephone: 510-843-5002.

E-Mail: info@comicrelief.net (Rory Root)

Web: http://www.comicrelief.net/

No admission cost.

With: Jon "Bean" Hastings, Fly, Daniel Cooney, Laurenn McCubbin, Andy Ristaino, Tom Beland, Sam Hester, Graham Annable, Keith Knight, and others.

Saturday, February 2

21st Century Comics

124 West Commonwealth Ave.

Fullerton, California 92832-1809.

Telephone: 714-992-6649.

No admission cost.

E-Mail: 21stccomics@prodigy.net (Barry Short)

With: Tony Millionaire

Saturday February 2, 1pm - 3pm


464 Commonwealth Avenue, Kenmore Square

Boston, Massachusetts 02215.

Telephone: 617-266-4266.

E-Mail: comicopia@hotmail.com (Matt Lehman)

Web: http://www.comicopia.com/

No admission cost.

With: Nick Bertozzi, K. Thor Jensen, Ellen Lindner, Tom Hart, Josh Neufeld, Dean Haspiel, James Kochalka, A. David Lewis, Gregory Benton and others.

Saturday February 2, 4pm - 6pm

The Million Year Picnic

99 Mount Auburn St

Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

Telephone: 617-492-6763.

E-Mail: myp@world.std.com (Tony Davis)

Web: http://www.millionyearpicnic.com/

No admission cost.

With: Nick Bertozzi, K. Thor Jensen, Ellen Lindner, Tom Hart, Josh Neufeld, Dean Haspiel, James Kochalka, A. David Lewis, Gregory Benton and others.

Sunday February 3, 1pm - 3pm

That's Entertainment

244 Park Avenue

Worcester, MA 01609.

Telephone: 508-755-4207.

E-Mail: thatse@thatse.com (Dave Hartwell)

Web: http://www.thatse.com/

No admission cost.

With: Nick Bertozzi, K. Thor Jensen, Ellen Lindner, Tom Hart, Josh Neufeld, Dean Haspiel, James Kochalka, A. David Lewis, Neil Kleid and others.

Wednesday February 6, 4pm - 6pm

Zanadu Comics

1923 Third Avenue (between Stewart and Virginia)

Seattle, Washington 98101

Telephone: 206-443-1316.

E-Mail: kev@zanaducomics.com (Kevin Halstead)

Web: http://www.zanaducomics.com/

No admission cost.

With: David Lasky, Laurenn McCubbin, Donna Barr, Shannon Wheeler, Sam Hester, and others.

Saturday - Sunday, February 9-10

Alternative Press Expo (APE)

Herbst Pavilion at the Fort Mason Center (http://www.fortmason.org/)

3799 Buchanan Street

San Francisco, California

E-Mail: cciweb@nucgen.com

Web: http://www.comic-con.org/

With: Jeff Smith, Scott Morse, Layla Lawlor, Laurenn McCubbin, Jon "Bean" Hastings, David Lasky, Fly, Tom Beland, Daniel Cooney, Andy Ristaino, Ellen Lindner, Sam Hester, Renee French, Tom Hart, Graham Annable, James Kochalka, Keith Knight, Jeff Mason and others. We are going to have a panel on Saturday from 1pm to 2pm at APE, and probably a Friday evening event in conjunction with APE.

Tuesday, February 12, 4pm - 7pm

Dr. Volts

2023 East 3300 South

Salt Lake City, Utah 84109

Telephone: 801-485-6114

E-Mail: drvoltz@earthlink.net (Jon Bray)

Web: http://www.drvolts.com

No admission cost.

With: Alex Robinson

Wednesday, February 13 - Evening

Moving Pictures - Literary Event

New York City Fire Museum (http://www.nycfiremuseum.org)

278 Spring Street

New York, NY 10013.

Telephone: 212-691-1303

E-Mail: slashr3@aol.com (Neil Kleid)Alternative Comics will join Marvel Comics for "Moving Pictures" an event to showcase the collective benefit projects to the public -- Many dozens of cartoonists will attend with selected readings, discussions, and slide shows from the benefit books. More details to be released.

Friday - Sunday, February 22-24


Orange County Convention Center (http://www.orlandoconvention.com/)

9800 International Drive

Orlando, Florida

Phone: 813-891-1702.

E-Mail: info@megaconvention.com

Web: http://www.megaconvention.com/

With: David Lasky, Chris Pitzer, Ande Parks, James Kochalka, Phil Hester, Jennifer Sorensen, Danny Donovan, Mike Avon Oeming, Mark Wheatley, Alex Robinson, Jason Narvaez, Phil Noto, Jim Harrison, Robert Ullman, Jeff Mason and others. There will be a 9-11: Emergency Relief panel at the Orlando MegaCon; and Alternative Comics will sponsor a reception/signing party along with Highwater Books, Top Shelf Productions, Fantagraphics Books, and Oni Press on Saturday February 23.

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