8/6 - Curious Cat Asks...

Now, I have no real problem with comic companies doing what they want with their characters.

That being said, why is it that Spider-Man being married is against the "core concept" of Spider-Man but Spider-Man living in a fancy Avengers Tower or revealing his identity is not?

Moreover, what is the point of arguing about "core concept" of a character when the main discussion comes down to what the Marvel creators/editorial thinks is a good idea?

Why do changes have to have some great, mythic purpose and not "I thought it was a good idea."? The former is usually filled with tons of holes in the logic, while the latter cannot actually be argued ("No, you DIDN'T think it was a good idea!").

In summation, why is there such a need from comic creators to use (ostensibly) logic to publicly rationalize what are essentially emotional ("What we think is a good idea") decisions? What is the point of trying to objectively prove something that is ultimately purely subjective?

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