CSBG Totally Tubular 80s Christmas Advent Calendar, Day 2

It's our yearly Comics Should Be Good Advent Calendar! Every day until Christmas Eve, you can click on the current day's Advent Calendar post and it will show the Advent Calendar with the door for that given day opened and you can see what the "treat" for that day will be! You can click here to see the previous Advent Calendar entries. This year, the theme is a Totally Tubular 80s Christmas! Each day will be a Christmas comic book story from the 1980s, possibly ones that have a specific 1980s bent to it (depends on whether I can come up with 24 of them).

The drawing for this year's Advent Calendar, of Miami Vice Santa Claus giving out 80s presents, like a Rubik's Cube and a Sony Walkman, to four superheroes with the most-80s costumes around, is by Nick Perks.

Each day, a door on the calendar will be opened (once opened, the door will feature a panel from the featured story)...

Here's the story for Day 2, Christmas 1988's Amazing Spider-Man #314, "Down And Out in Forest Hills" by David Michelinie and Todd McFarlane. This issue opens with Peter and Mary Jane getting kicked out of their apartment. Peter spends the whole issue moping about he and MJ have to move back in with Peter's Aunt May back in Forest Hills.

Ultimately, Spidey gets his head out of his ass when people are in danger...

And in the end, he celebrates Christmas at Aunt May's with his friends and family...

Not a WHOLE lot Christmas stuff going on in this issue, but enough to spotlight!


Well, the name of the story is a reference to a then-current 1980s movie. Plus, the whole plot about Peter and Mary Jane getting kicked out of their expensive condominium was a very 80s plot for the era, as well. The clothes, of course, were also very 80s.

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