80-year-old Art Deco artist primes for his comic debut

Polish expat Andre Krayewski has had a long and interesting life. Born in 1933 in Stalinist Poland, de Krayeski dreamed of America and jazz music, and he expressed himself through art. With his Art Deco style, he became known in his home country for creating Polish movie posters, and he later moved to America, where he found success in the art scene. He's best known for creating the 1997 Panasonic Jazz Festival poster, as well as paintings for the New York Film Academy.

The artist put pen to paper and wrote a-semi autobiographic novel titled Skyliner relating his jazz-loving youth in 1950s Poland. And now, at age 80, Krayewski is adapting that work for comics.

Described by his son Ed Krayewski as "a love letter to the American myth," Skyliner is the story of a Polish teenager coming of age behind the Iron Curtain as the influence of American culture spread around the world. Krayewski adapted his story over the past two years with help from his son while undergoing dialysis treatments.

The Krayewskis are looking to raise $8,000 through Kickstarter to publish their book, and with just more than two weeks to go in the campaign, they've already raised nearly half. The Kickstarter rewards tiers are pretty standard, save for the top tier -- $1,000 -- which in addition to a digital and print copy of the book and a "Thank You" in the credits, includes a home-cooked meal with Andre Krayewski himself.

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