8 Legendary Allies for "DC's Legends of Tomorrow"

"DC's Legends of Tomorrow" has delivered a time-traveling super hero drama that could seemingly go anywhere and introduce characters from any point in DC Comics history. While the CW series began with a trip to the 1970s from the modern day before heading to the mid-'80s, more extreme time jumps are coming -- and some truly unexpected characters will be coming along for the ride.

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Through its various social media platforms, "Legends of Tomorrow" has already promised the arrival of classic DC heroes like the pharmaceutically enhanced Hourman, the noir-inspired Golden Age Sandman and legendary soldier Sgt. Rock. Some less obvious characters the team will encounter include the obscure, kettle-helmeted matron of the Golden Age, Ma Hunkel, and the Red Tornado. And all that came after Johnathon Schaech was cast as Jonah Hex, DC's stalwart Old West gunslinger.

There are many more heroes from DC Comics past, present and future the Legends could encounter, and CBR News set its sights on the ones who could have the biggest impact on the series moving forward. Take a trip through the DC's storied history, from the Golden Age to multiple futures, to see who might be the next to help or hinder the Legends' quest to stop Vandal Savage from destroying the world they know.


With the Legends trying to prevent Vandal Savage from profaning the future, the question of what comes after Savage's dark deeds of tomorrow is already starting to form. Look no further than the dystopian world of Kamandi, the Last Boy on Earth. Perhaps Savage's brutality could lead to the world of Kamandi in live-action, a world where animals have evolved and live in a state of constant war and the Earth's last surviving human leads a small band of rebels to finally bring about peace. The concept of sentient animals has already been introduced with Gorilla Grodd on "The Flash," and Kamandi's world could be an extension of the experiments that gave Grodd his superior intellect. But most of all, Kamandi and his world presents one of the most imaginative DC timelines and could be a true test for the time-hopping Legends.

Booster Gold

Booster Gold's humorous antics as part of the Justice League International and friendship with Blue Beetle have made the time-displaced hero one of DC's most popular characters, but it's his familial ties to one member of the "Legends" squad that makes him an absolute must. As it happens, Booster Gold is Rip Hunter's father, something could unleash a massive time quake on the Waverider crew. Booster hails from the far future and after he steals an experimental battle suit and time machine, he travels to the modern day to become a super hero. Given that he is vapid, greedy and a bit of a lech, Booster's arrival on The CW would make him a great companion to the more roguish Legends. While the show's brain trust has already denied Booster's involvement on any CW series, this golden fruit could be just too low-hanging to ignore for long.

Slam Bradley

DC's original two-fisted detective, Slam Bradley first appeared in 1937's "Detective Comics" #1. Bradley is a street tough detective in the most classic sense of the world. He talks with his fists and was one of the first original comic book heroes ever published. The square jawed, old fashioned Bradley would be a fish out of chronal waters, fighting side by side with the Legends. The team has spent so much time in the modern era that a visit to the noir-inspired, pre-war era would be a nice change of pace. Slam's inclusion would also be a fitting tribute to the hard-nosed detective that birthed the DC Universe's heroic tradition.

Legion of Super-Heroes

DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns recently promised the Legion of Super-Heroes' utopian future would be teased on one of DC's many TV shows and we can't think of a better place than on "DC's Legends of Tomorrow." While including the future-based super team's entire roster would likely break the bank, the team has long provided DC fans a uplifting vision of the future in which young heroes gather to protect the galaxy. The Legion also has a lengthy history with time travel, so it wouldn't be unheard of for Rip Hunter and his team to encounter the Legion while gallivanting through the time steam. With the Legends trying to prevent a dark vision of the future, could the near perfect tomorrow of the Legion be the reward for their struggle?


World War II great Sgt. Rock is already on his way to "Legends of Tomorrow," and since the good Sarge and his Easy Company have the land, DC's TV universe will need someone to protect the skies. Enter WWII's greatest aviators, the Blackhawks, comprised of ace pilots from several different Allied countries who fought the Axis menace. With two hawk-themed warriors of the sky already appearing on "Legends," it could be quite a sight to see the dog fighting daring of the Blackhawks side by side with Hawkgirl and Hawkman.

Seven Soldiers of Victory

Between Jay Garrick on "The Flash" and the promised arrival of the Golden Age Sandman and Hourman, heroes from the Justice Society are making sure DC's Golden Age makes a major splash on TV in 2016. But the JSA is not the only 1940s super team that could fit in perfectly on "DC's Legends of Tomorrow." Rip Hunter chose the Legends because they're misfits in their era, and the original Seven Soldiers of Victory were quite the misfits themselves. Their Golden Age roster looks like a hodgepodge of different historical eras: Vigilante, a classic Western-inspired cowboy; Shining Knight, a time-lost knight of Camelot; the Crimson Avenger, a pulp-era crime fighter; and Star-Spangled Kid and Stripsey, two patriotic World War II heroes. The remaining Seven Soldiers are just so happen to be the Golden Age versions of Green Arrow and Speedy, something that seems too synergistic for The CW to ignore.

Bat Lash

Jonah Hex will make his small screen debut when the team visits the Old West, and there's at least one more Western DC hero begging to join him in the form of the refined and deadly Bat Lash. A lover of fine women, fine food and fine wine, this fancy pants gun slinger couldn't be more different from Hex if he tried. But just because Bat Lash knows how to dress, that doesn't mean he can't hold his own in a fight. Bat Lash and his roguish swagger would feel right at home alongside Captain Cold and Heat Wave in any era.

Terry McGinnis

While DC TV usually plays coy with all things Batman, the chronal chaos of "Legends" might signal the arrival of Terry McGinnis, the Batman of the future. Trained by an aging Bruce Wayne, Terry becomes the next hero to uphold the mantle of the Batman. Through his many adventures both in animation and in comics, Terry has forged his own legend and is long overdue for a live-action appearance and Firestorm actor Robbie Amell has been very vocal about wanting to take up the future Bat cowl. While roundabout references to Batman have existed on DC's TV series, introducing Terry could go a long way to confirming that the legend of the Bat is truly a part of the "Legends of Tomorrow."

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