8-bit heroics in Matthew Ritter's 'Nova Phase'

Comics and video games. Chances are if you like one, you like the other to some degree. And if that's the case, a lovingly old-school graphics to an upcoming comic series might hit that sweet spot and win you over.

Writer Matthew Ritter and artist Adam Elbahtimy's Nova Phase is a six-issue seriescoming by way of SLG Publishing that uses the nostalgic 8-bit pixelated graphics to create a new sci-fi story. Described by Ritter as "full of pixel art, adventure and crushed dreams," Nova Phase will premiere in January as a digital-first release through comiXology, with subsequent issues released monthly and a print collections of the first two issues in February.

Nova Phase is a treasure hunt through the blackness of space, with these pixelated heroes and villains going after one goal: a mythical world bearing untold wealth called Una Tesara. On one side is a down-on-her-luck bounty hunter named Veronica Darkwater, who's vying for the treasure  with a crazy military commander seemingly pulled straight out of the original Metal Gear or Bionic Commando.

So suit up, commandos! Here's an extensive preview provided by the creators to get you dialed in.

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