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8 Biggest “Wow!” Moments From the “DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow” Trailer

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8 Biggest “Wow!” Moments From the “DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow” Trailer

After months of anticipation, the first footage from the CW’s upcoming “Flash”/”Arrow” spinoff, “Legends of Tomorrow,” has arrived — and it proves that the network’s DC Comics universe has shifted into high gear. The first look recognizes the shared continuity’s humble beginnings as a street-level series starring a lone human with a bow and arrow before transitioning into the change brought about by the introduction of the Flash. With metahumans running rampant on “Flash,” the more grounded “Arrow” heightened in a different way as it grew to incorporate other DCU elements, like the Lazarus Pit and League of Assassins.

WATCH: First Trailer for “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow”

Now, all the growth shown in a combined four seasons of television has led to “Legends of Tomorrow,” a series starring a resurrected assassin, a girl with giant hawk wings, a time-traveller, a trio of tech-powered men and a highly combustible hero with a literal dual identity. The legends of tomorrow have arrived, and they seem to be destined to wow audiences, specifically in these ways.

Wow! Sara Lance is alive!

“Arrow” kicked off season three with the surprise death of Sara Lance, the vigilante character played by Caity Lotz and codenamed Canary. Her death set into motion a chain of events that has led to her sister, Laurel Lance, taking over her mantle and becoming the Black Canary. But when Lotz was first listed as among the cast for this show, fans immediately wondered how she would return. Now we know two things: she’s getting resurrected, and she’s going by White Canary. Oh, and she also carries a big stick. Even with this new info, though, the circumstances surrounding her return remain a mystery for the series to solve.

Wow! Hawkgirl is not confusing!

To people not entrenched in DC Comics lore, some characters can seem confusing. Hawkgirl is definitely one of them. She’s been the reincarnation of an Egyptian princess, an alien police officer from the planet Thanagar, a spirit that inhabited the body of a girl who committed suicide, and a professional treasure hunter. This trailer cuts through all the continuity and reboots as Prof. Stein boils it all down to her being a girl with hawk wings and some past lives to deal with. Done.

Wow! Firestorm is in this show!

Victor Garber, who plays scientist Martin Stein, has been attached to “Legends” since the very first announcement, but his partner-in-Firestorm Robbie Amell has been absent from cast lists. For some, the theory was that Stein might play a support role for the team, since it’s Amell’s character Ronnie Raymond that has all the powers — but here Firestorm is, in all of his flying fiery glory. Is this Firestorm form going to be played by Amell in guest-starring roles, or is it a combination of a stuntman and CG? Or could this alter-ego be Jason Rusch, a character we’ve already seen appear on “The Flash” as played by Luc Roderique?

Wow! Vandal Savage?!

The CW shows have not shied away from bringing in big deal villains over the past season; “Arrow” has had Ra’s al Ghul to contend with, and a new member of the Flash’s Rogues Gallery has menaced the speedster pretty much every other week. On “Legends of Tomorrow,” the team will face off against a villain that’s been around since almost the dawn of time — Vandal Savage. Since his debut in 1944’s “Green Lantern” #10, the immortal bad guy has gone on to threaten pretty much every DC hero at some point throughout history. Given that one member of the team is the time-traveling Rip Hunter, introducing an immortal villain like Savage seems like the perfect compliment.

Wow! The Time Sphere!

Speaking of time-travel, the trailer contains a shot of what appears to be the Time Sphere — the device from the comics that Rip Hunter uses to get around between centuries. This is also a big deal because the Time Sphere is also the device that allowed Booster Gold to travel back to modern times. Considering how on the record “Legends of Tomorrow” EP Andrew Kreisberg has been about his affection for Booster, could this be his way of planting a seed for the character’s eventual inclusion on a CW series?

Wow! A Flash team-up already!

Fans have so far delighted in the fact that “Arrow” and “Flash” have treated each other like sister shows throughout their first season sharing the airwaves. Characters from both shows have popped up on each series, playing up the fact that this is a true shared universe. “Legends” looks like it will start off in a similar manner, since it looks like the Flash will be going on at least one mission with them. Fingers crossed Cisco gets to interact with this crew, too! Come to think of it, someone has to give Sara the codename “White Canary.” And hey — is that Harrison Wells using a Time Sphere…?

Wow! Look at that team in action!

In a trailer packed with impressive moments, the most impressive has to be when the trailer kicks it up a notch and shows this team in action. Captain Cold freezes goons while Firestorm and Atom fly overhead, Canary takes out henchmen with her staff while Flash speeds by — this sequence feels so much like the teamwork scenes from the “Avengers” movies, it’s mind-blowing to think that this could be on television every week.

Wow! The Atom can finally shrink!

Since Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) debuted on “Arrow” at the top of this last season, fans have been waiting for him to do the one thing his comic book counterpart is known for — shrink. We’ve seen Palmer develop a super suit and take flight, and we even watched him come up with the Atom codename, but we haven’t seen him change size — until now! The people behind this trailer know that fans have been waiting for this moment for almost a year, which is why they saved it for last. That’s the kind of payoff that gets the Internet talking and makes us ready for 2016 to get here as fast as the Flash.

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