75 Most Memorable Moments in Marvel Comics History #50-41

In honor of Marvel's seventy-fifth anniversary, we're doing a countdown of the most memorable moments in Marvel Comics history, based on YOUR votes!

Here are the latest results of the countdown! Be forewarned, these memorable moments WILL include some spoilers of old famous Marvel stories!


50. "Daredevil is Born Again!" by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli (Daredevil #232)

Matt Murdock was slowly putting the pieces together in his life along with his old girlfriend, Karen Page, whose drug addiction had led to Matt's current predicament (she sold information about his secret identity for drugs and the info eventually made its way to the Kingpin). He had helped her through her withdrawal and things were slowly getting better when the Kingpin decided that he needed to get rid of Murdock, so he sent a killer dressed as Daredevil after them. Matt succeeded in taking out the impostor. So the Kingpin then arranged to have a government operative named Nuke sent to Hell's Kitchen to start attacking it and raining havoc down on Murdock's neighborhood. This was finally too much for Murdock, and he used the fake costume to return to duty as Daredevil in a breathtaking sequence by David Mazzucchelli...

49. "Doom Steals the Beyonder's Power!" by Jim Shooter, Mike Zeck and John Beatty (Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #10)

The concept behind Secret Wars was that a powerful being known as the Beyonder pulled a bunch of Earth's superheroes and supervillains on to a "Battle Planet" and told them to go fight each other and he'd reward the winners. Most of the supervillains were cool with that idea, but Doctor Doom had other plans. He slowly but carefully plotted against the Beyonder and then made his move, striving to take control of the Beyonder's amazing powers. The Beyonder seemingly kicked Doom's ass, but when he was examining the seemingly out of commission Doom, Doom found a way to turn the situation around, leading to this dramatic moment...

48. "Norman Osborn is the Green Goblin!" by Stan Lee and John Romita (Amazing Spider-Man #39)

John Romita was thrown into the deep end when he took over as the artist on Amazing Spider-Man with this famous issue, where the identity of Spider-Man's foe, the Green Goblin, was revealed.

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