75 Most Memorable Moments in Marvel Comics History #10-7

In honor of Marvel's seventy-fifth anniversary, we're doing a countdown of the most memorable moments in Marvel Comics history, based on YOUR votes!

Here are the latest results of the countdown! Be forewarned, these memorable moments WILL include some spoilers of old famous Marvel stories!


NOTE: Sorry for the slight delay in getting this update up. I was busy writing my latest TV Legends Revealed piece for Spinoff Online about how How I Met Your Mother worked into the series an insult star Jason Segel made about the show.

10. "Face it, Tiger..." by Stan Lee and John Romita (Amazing Spider-Man #42)


For over TWENTY-FIVE issues, Mary Jane Watson had been a mystery to Peter Parker and readers. All he knew about her was that she was the niece of one of Aunt May's friends and that Aunt May wanted to set Peter up with her. The readers knew a little bit more, as they knew that she was apparently good looking (as Betty Brant and Liz Allan discover when they meet her in Amazing Spider-Man #25). Finally, in just his FOURTH issue on the title, John Romita was given the responsibility to giving this mystery woman a visual, and boy, did John Romita deliver! Stan Lee combined that visual with an iconic line that made this one of the most memorable comic book meetings in comic book history...


9. "Now it's my Turn!" by John Byrne, Chris Claremont and Terry Austin (X-Men #132)

The outlook wasn't brilliant for the X-Men five that day - they were all unconscious, betrayed by Jean Grey. But before things got TOO grim for the loyal X-Men viewer - we learn that Wolverine survived and was in the Hellfire sewer.

Does John Byrne nail that last panel or does John Byrne nail that last panel?

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