75 Greatest Joker Stories: #55-46

In honor of the seventy-fifth anniversary of Joker, we're doing a countdown of your favorite Joker stories of all-time.

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55. "Hazard's Choice" (1996's Action Comics #719)


The Joker ran afoul of Superman in 1995's Action Comics #714, but after being defeated, the Joker sent a Joker action figure to Lois Lane as some sort of taunt. Five issues later, in a story by David Michelinie with art by Kieron Dwyer and Denis Rodier, it turns out that the action figure secretly had a poison. Lois Lane has just two hours to live! Superman races to find a cure and soon learns Joker's dastardly plan...

That is some messed up stuff right there. What should Superman do in this instance? Let Lois die or kill the Joker? Hint: Clark and Lois call off their engagement an issue later.


54. "Dark Victory" (2000's Batman: Dark Victory)

The Joker doesn't play a HUGE role in Dark Victory, the sequel to Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale's The Long Halloween, but he does show up in roughly half the issues of the series. He works in the series as a sort of foil to Two-Face, and, of course, Tim Sale draws one awesome Joker...

There is a classic moment where the Joker tries to screw with Two-Face by capturing someone Harvey Dent is close to. It backfires on the Joker, though, in a very dramatic way.

53. "Joker's Holiday" (1996's Aztek: The Ultimate Man #6-7)

In this two-parter by writers Grant Morrison and Mark Millar and artists N. Steven Harris and Keith Champagne, the Joker shows up in Aztek's city, Vanity, where he begins a series of Joker Venom attacks in select areas of the city. Aztek discovers that the attacks are grouped into the form of the letter "A." Presuming it is intended as a lure to him, he goes to the center of the A where he meets the Joker...


Trippy stuff. An early look at Morrison's Joker (Morrison scripted the first part of the story). Great art by Harris and Champagne. In the second part, Batman shows up to lend a hand (with a script by Millar). The story is actually fascinating if only to see a two-part story where each part is scripted by a different guy - it is interesting to look for the style differences in the two issues.

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