75 Greatest Joker Stories: #45-36

In honor of the seventy-fifth anniversary of Joker, we're doing a countdown of your favorite Joker stories of all-time.

You all voted, now here are the results of what you chose as the 75 Greatest Joker Stories! Click here for a master list of all 75 stories.


45. "The Joker is Wild!" (1983's Batman #366)

What ended up becoming a historic story began with the Joker getting involved in causing havoc in Guatemala. Batman heads down and ends up having a battle with Joker on the top of a giant temple. Things take a turn for the worse and then the aforementioned historic event occurs...

Yep, Jason Todd debuts as Robin in Guatemala. Odd, no? Doug Moench wrote it and Don Newton and Alfred Alcala drew it.

44. "The Joke" (2003's Batman #614)

At the end of the previous issue, Bruce Wayne's childhood friend, Tommy Elliot, is seemingly murdered. And it looks like the Joker is the one behind it. This drives Batman into a rage, as he is haunted by the memories of all the pain that the Joker has caused and he asks himself, "Why not just end it all right now?"

Artist Jim Lee (inked by Scott Williams) does a marvelous job using a watercolor effect for the flashbacks as Batman dwells on every single horrible thing that the Joker has done and, when Catwoman interferes, he thinks of the FUTURE awful things that the Joker MIGHT do...

Writer Jeph Loeb puts Batman and Commissioner Gordon to the brink of their moral fortitude in this striking tale.

43. "To Laugh and Die in Metropolis" (1987's Superman #9)

Joker makes his way to Metropolis and causes trouble for Superman in this story by writer/artist John Byrne and inker Karl Kesel...

Yes, that IS the first meeting between Maggie Sawyer and her future wife, Toby. Byrne really did Dick Sprang proud with his Joker. This issue has the famous "Luthor offers a waitress a large chunk of money to spend a weekend with her and then leaves before she decides whether to say yes" story.

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