75 Greatest Captain America Stories #5-1

In honor of the seventy-fifth anniversary of Captain America this month, we're doing a countdown of your favorite Captain America stories of all-time.

You all voted, now here are the results of what you chose as the 75 Greatest Captain America Stories!


5. "Project Rebirth" Captain America #445-448

When Mark Waid and Ron Garney took over Captain America, Cap was pretty much dead. So Waid had to come up with a way to bring him back and his way was extremely clever, have Cap's nemesis, the Red Skull, bring him back. Why would the Skull do that? It is because Adolf Hitler, who the Skull had banished to the Cosmic Cube, was now taking over control of the Comic Cube and the Skull needs someone to stop him and who else is a better choice to stop Hitler than, well, you know. Meanwhile, Sharon Carter is revealed to not be dead but she is pissed that Cap BELIEVED she was dead in the first place. She is working with the Skull to take down the New Reich (war makes strange bedfellows). In the end, Skull has the Cube in his possession, but he needs Cap to get rid of Hitler, so he has Cap trapped in a fantasy inside the Cube, where if Cap "saves the day," he will defeat Hitler but leave the Cube fully in the Skull's power - so Cap fights all of his instincts to break free from the fantasy, and he is not too pleased with the Skull for forcing him to give up the fantasy)...

What an amazing start to an amazing run by Waid and Garney (Denis Rodier, Scott Koblish, Mike Manley and I bet some other folks inked Garney on this arc).

4. "Captain America Joins... The Avengers!" Avengers (Volume 1) #4

Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and George Roussos brought former star Golden Age character Captain America back into the Marvel Age in a classic tale that is so powerful that it seems to get re-told every other month.

The sight of Captain America trapped in ice, the Avengers finding his frozen body, Cap leaping to attention, discovering that his partner Bucky died in the same incident that ended up with Cap being frozen - it's such an amazing job by Lee and Kirby.

I mean, just look at this sequence...

How much of a stunning example of Captain America's coolness is that? He wakes up twenty years in the future and he basically just has a quick freak out and then he pulls a Fonzie and suddenly he's totally calm.

Then, for good measure, he's like, "Hey, bunch of powerful looking folks I just met, I bet I can kick all of your asses." And then he pretty much DOES JUST THAT!

That "try to conquer me" panel is just a stunning display by Kirby. So much casual awesomeness there.

It's three pages and Captain America has already solidified himself as an awesome addition to the team. What a great story by Lee, Kirby and Roussos! The "Man out of time" angle was extremely compelling right out of the gate. And that cover - it is little surprise that Cap quickly became the heart of the Avengers.

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