75 Greatest Batman Writers and Artists: Artists #40-31

33. Mike Mignola

One of the most popular artists in the entire comic book industry, Mike Mignola is most connected to Batman through his Gotham by Gaslight series (Batman in the time of Jack the Ripper) that introduced the concept of Elseworlds to the DC Universe. However, he did other work with the character, like this impressive bit from Legends of the Dark Knight #54....

His dark, evocative style works perfectly for Batman.

32. José Luis García-López

Jose Luis Garcias-Lopez made his way to DC Comics during the mid-1970s. His clear, dynamic artwork soon made him one of DC's most prominent artists.

By the end of the decade, Garcia-Lopez had become so popular that DC more or less adopted his work as their official licensing artwork for DC characters. Garcia-Lopez had that role for the next few decades, so Garcia-Lopez's Batman is well-known to millions of fans who never even read a Batman comic book since Garcia-Lopez's Batman was THE Batman for licensed products for decades. Heck, I have a set of coasters a friend got me for Christmas and the Batman on the coaster is clearly Garcia-Lopez's Batman.

31. Chris Burnham

Just to show you how nuts Chris Burnham is, I'm going to show you a snippet from his FIRST issue of Batman Incorporated, when he was just a fill-in artist. His work got a lot better than this and it was already awesome to start. Eventually when they rebooted Batman Incorporated, they did so so that Morrison and Burnham could finish the entire run together. That's quite a testament to how awesome of an artist Burnham is - Grant Morrison went out of his way to want to work with just him for the close of his epic Batman run. Burnham even started writing Batman comics!

Anyhow, here is a bit from Batman Incorporated #4, where Burnham shows a new side to the shared history between Batman and the original Batwoman...

The dynamism! The personality he shows in each characters! The homages! The change in style to suit the panel! Chris Burnham is spectacular. I only wish we got a longer run from him and Morrison, but I suppose I should just be grateful we got as many as we DID get!

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