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7 More Speedsters “The Flash” Should Let Run Wild

by  in Comic News, TV News Comment
7 More Speedsters “The Flash” Should Let Run Wild

While “The Flash” introduced two more speedsters in Season Two in the form of Earth Two’s Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears) and the villainous Zoom, fans have been clamoring for more speedy heroes since the CW series first hit the airwaves. And now that Caitlin Snow helped Earth Two Harrison Wells create Velocity 6, the doors holding back other potential fleet-footed heroes back have officially been blown off the hinges. The drug, which grants users super speed on the level of The Flash, not only allowed Garrick to save a wounded Wells’ life, it opened up the live-action world for any other classic DC Comics speedster the show’s writers want to introduce.

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DC Comics is rife with speedsters. For decades, men and and women have raced through the DCU, becoming integral parts of the comic book reality. While fans of “The Flash” have already met Barry Allen, Garrick, Reverse-Flash and Zoom, there are plenty of other lightning-fast characters who have yet to appear — these are just some of the potential candidates we’d like to see race onto TV in the months ahead.

Jesse Quick

Viewers have already met Jesse, Earth Two Harrison Wells’ daughter, nicknamed Jesse Quick by her persnickety father. The name should have a ring of familiarity to loyal “Flash” comic readers as Jesse Quick is the daughter of two Golden Age super heroes — speedster Johnny Quick and patriotic champion Liberty Belle. In the modern era, after Jesse is given super speed by her father’s secret formula, this second generation hero becomes Jesse Quick. While that particular formula wasn’t Velocity 6 in the comics, the fact that it came from a secret speed formula means the stage is very nicely set for the arrival of DC’s first modern day female speedster. With the TV version of Jesse currently a captive of Zoom’s and her father agreeing to join the dark side in order to free her, Team Flash will need some help evening the odds against the seemingly unstoppable villain. Could a Velocity-enhanced Jesse become the instrument of Zoom’s demise as she steps into the boots of DC’s most well known female speedster? Only time will tell.

Johnny Quick

Introduced in 1941, Johnny Quick has long been known as DC’s other Golden Age speedster. Quick (real name Johnny Chambers) received his speed powers via super speed formula 3X2(9YZ)4A, something he has to say out loud to activate his abilities. Could that be the formula for Velocity 6? Considering Wells nicknamed his daughter Jesse Quick, could Jesse have a similar nickname for dear old dad? Whether it’s Wells or someone else in the classic guise, it’s hard to imagine a Jesse Quick showing up without the legacy of a Johnny Quick, Earth-2’s second classic speedster.


With the arrival of Rip Hunter on “DC’s Legend of Tomorrow” this January, The CW’s DC timeline is about to get very interesting. The series opens up all the timelines from DC’s rich and complex history, meaning there’s a chance we could see some version of the futuristic Legion of Super-Heroes. The Legionnaires have a speedster all their own, a brave young hero named XS who just so happens to be the granddaughter of Barry Allen! In the comics, Jenni Ognats uses her super speed powers to protect her planet as a member of a Legion. Perhaps some future version of Wells’ Velocity 6 serum could lead to XS gaining her powers and allow her to follow in Barry’s very fleet footsteps.


So far, all the speedsters on our list have been heroes. Assuming Velocity 6 fell into the wrong hands, it’s possible it could lead to the introduction of one of the most evil speedsters ever to blaze a trail in the DCU — the leader of a death cult of speed, the horrifying Savitar. In the comics, Savitar was a Cold War era test pilot who gained his speed after his experimental plane was struck by lightning. Naming himself after Savitr, the Hindu god of motion, Savitar became obsessed with super speed. This lightning-fast killer could grant his powers to others and built a ninja death cult made up of zealot super-speedsters. Savitar could make a potentially perfect big bad for an entire season of “The Flash.” Team Flash has dealt with villains one-by-one in the past, but taking on a League of Assassins-like cult who can match Barry step-for-step might be the kind of threat they can never prepare for. Instead of that freak Cold War accident, perhaps Velocity 6 could bring about this horrific cult of speedy doom.

Max Mercury

One of the speedsters who helped take down Savitar in the comics was Max Mercury, the Zen master of speed. Mercury was originally the first comic hero to use the name Quicksilver, but in later years took on the name Max Mercury and became a vital part of the Flash mythos. A Velocity 6-powered Mercury could bring a very different dynamic to the world of “The Flash.” Barry Allen has had several mentors, but Mercury could serve as his own personal speed Yoda, a teacher to make Barry into the perfect speedster ready to face any menaces who might arise, speed-powered or otherwise.


Bart Allen is Barry Allen’s grandson from the future, a hyperactive young speedster raised in a virtual environment. If the impulsive Bart arrived in modern day Central City it would make for an interesting, and likely hilarious, fish out of water story. This easily distractible young man would seemingly be the last person you’d want to get his hands on Velocity 6, but if he follows the path of his comic book counterpart Bart will eventually live up to his grandfather’s heroic legacy. The brain trust on “The Flash” can always have future Bart gain his powers through the Velocity drug if they want to connect this future hero’s origins to current goings on in Barry’s world.

Wally West

“The Flash” producers had been hinting at Wally West since Season One, and the fan-favorite character finally made his TV debut in the show’s midseason finale. While the comic book Wally gained super speed and became Kid Flash, it’s unknown whether Keiynan Lonsdale’s Wally will follow the same path. The DC source mateiral also saw Wally become a founding member of the Teen Titans and the eventual inheritor of the Flash legacy following Barry’s sacrifice in “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” Wally’s comic book origins were mired in coincidence, with him involved in a reenactment of the lightning strike and chemical bath that gifted Barry his super speed. If the show doesn’t want to let lightning strike twice, Velocity 6 could be the thing that gives Iris West’s recently revealed brother his super powers. Whatever avenue the CW takes, Wally West is just as important to the Flash legacy as Barry Allen and now, through the power of Velocity 6, there could be a way for Wally to join the rank of DC’s TV speedsters without stepping on Barry’s origin.

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