'7 Guys of Justice' price change, guest stars

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BEAVERTON, OR, November 21, 2001 ­ Brian Joines, co-owner (with Joshua Rowe) of False Idol Studios, recently discussed changes occurring to their flagship title and plans for upcoming issues.

"I'm very happy to announce that the book is almost completely back on schedule," Joines reported early Wednesday morning. "Issue #10 streets on November 28th and we are on schedule to put out issues 11 and 12 in December, possibly in the same week. From there, we start on a bimonthly schedule beginning in February with a story lampooning the current battle over Miracleman."

A renewed diligence to the shipping schedule isn't the only change occurring with the book's thirteenth issue. "With issue number 13, the price of the book will be raised to $2.50." Joines said. "For the first twelve issues, we've been offering the book at a lower cost to attract potential readers, all the while putting in money from our own pockets to keep the book afloat. This wasn't a problem…the old adage says you have to lose money to make money. Now that we have a solid set of readers, we feel comfortable raising the price a mere fifty cents to assist in the printing of the book, as well as funding other projects under the False Idol banner. We may lose a couple readers, but I'm certain the majority of our fans will stay with the book." The thirteenth issue will also be the first to feature a new logo designed by series letterer Michael Thomas on its cover.

Looking ahead, Joines offered a peek of what readers could expect in the pages of The 7 Guys of Justice in 2002. Issue 13 will contain the aforementioned satire of the Miracleman legal battle, with 7 Guys member Johnny Explode taking the spotlight. Following that, "issue 14 will also be a stand-alone story featuring a single member." In this case, its Moray Earl, brought in to assist the Big City Police Department in a case concerning dying fashion magnates. "It's a twisted take on the old pulp detective stories as well as a slight poke at a certain writer who's VERY hot at the moment," Joines hinted. Daniel Goodbrey, the creator of the popular Sixgun feature at comicbookresources.com and designer of the amazing e-merl.com site will illustrate the cover. Issue 15 will be a cross-over with Comics Conspiracy's Generic Comic Book, featuring Lord Talon and Ugly Monkey meeting Doug Miers' nameless creation at a comic show, of all places. "Doug's hilarious book was a natural for the first 7 Guys crossover," Joines said. "I think fans of both books are going to be very pleasantly surprised." The rest of the year will focus on the resolution of the long-running hero-killer storyline, as well finally filling the vacancy on the team. Also slated to come out in late 2002 is The 7 Guys of Justice Big Dumb Holiday Special, a double-sized book placing the team against an evil elf who calls himself Felix Navidad.

"I'm looking forward to 2002 being our biggest and best year to date," Joines concluded. "The problems of the past have been valuable learning experiences for us. Now it's time to show what we've learned and to ensure those problems are, in fact, a thing of the past and to focus on what's important…namely, putting out some damn fun comics."

False Idol Studios is based out of Beaverton, Oregon. Founded by Brian Joines and Joshua C. Rowe in 1999, the company publishes The 7 Guys of Justice, a bimonthly humor book that pokes fun at the super-hero genre. The book, written by Joines and pencilled by Rowe, features the exploits of such heroes as Lord Talon, Ugly Monkey, Nightie Knight, Johnny Explode and Moray Earl set against the fictitious backdrop of Big City. The company's website can be found at www.7guysofjustice.com.

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