7 Days From Hell (FULL ISSUE)

Ex-pat turned mercenary John Bishop is mortally wounded, but spared from Hell by a renegade demon seeking redemption. The price of John's salvation? He's reborn as the demon's personal assassin and charged with ridding humanity of our worst criminals, sadists, and murderers...with a seven-day deadline for each kill. Redemption can take a lifetime. John Bishop only has 7 days.

John Bishop is a mercenary, a ronin, and one of the best at that. He's a disciplined warrior, a professional killer, that balances the savagery of his profession with a high attention to grace in his personal details. John is the kind of man, who won't clean his pistol at the same table he eats his dinner. He's a man of meticulous perfection, but even the most fastidious men occasionally let down their guard. And that is how John ended up dead and in Hell.

Mandy, as she calls herself, is a fallen angel, a demon trapped in Hell. She understands the darkest desires of the human mind. For the history of civilization she's tempted men and women to follow those desires. After a tempting men and women into following their basest desires since the beginning of civilization, Mandy has turned her back on Hell. Mandy's deepest desire is to win her way back into the Lord's good graces and to do that she will use John Bishop. Mandy gives John a chance at redemption and in turn, hopes to redeem herself in God's eyes. There are evil people throughout the world and due to the rules of Heaven and Hell, Mandy can't touch them, but by snatching up John moments before he enters his eternal damnation she can use him as her weapon. Her offer is simple -- John must become her holy hitman and he only has seven days to complete his mission. If he succeeds he gets another target, if he fails he goes back into the fire. And it goes on and on, until God forgives both John and Mandy. Seven Days from Hell is a modern action-fable, a story about the long and hard road to redemption. John Bishop is always Seven Days from Hell.

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