7 1/2 Minute "Spider-Man 3" Preview Online

For 24 hours only, NBC & Sony have teamed up to preview a large chunk of footage from what is certain to be the blockbuster event film of the summer, "Spider-Man 3." Now through 9:00 PM Pacific on Tuesday, March 6th, eager fans can download 7 ½ minutes of footage from the third web slinging sequel on NBC.com.

In the preview, three main sequences are shown. It begins with a scene that finds Peter and M.J. sitting on a web, enjoying the view and each others company. This is followed by a conversation between Peter and Aunt May in which Peter reveals he's going to ask M.J. to marry him. Aunt May then relates the story of how Uncle Ben proposed to her almost 50 years ago. The final sequence is an extended battle sequence between Peter and Harry Osborn, who has a nicely upgraded flyer with all sorts of neat toys. Finally, brief snippets of the film are included at the end of the preview, including an impressive shot of Sandman taking full form and a quick glimpse of Venom certain to get the mouths watering of eager fans.

For those of you who didn't get a chance to watch the preview online or don't have a fast enough computer to enjoy the high definition goodness, we here at CBR News have assembled a large selection of screen grabs perfect for viewing at a leisurely pace. Simply click the images below to enlarge.

"Spider-Man 3" swings into theaters May 4th, 2007.

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