6's March Index

Number of voice actors used on the Watchmen motion comic: One

Percentage that Watchmen's grosses dropped between its opening Friday and March 13 : 73

Watchmen's ranking in USA Today's Best-Selling Books Database (Based on sales through Sunday, March 8, 2009): Second

Year that T. Hodler tapped for a "Best of" list: 1968

Months remaining before the start of 2010, when Dick Hyacinth posted his first in a best of 00s series:  10

Ted Rall's estimated cost to "conduct a scientifically sound reader survey to study readers' attitudes towards cartooning": $20,000+

Cartoonists who left their positions in the past two years, according to Daryl Cagle's partial list: 37

Months since Tim Leong discussed what in an issue of Wizard that  "made me cringe, made me think and made me want to throw up":  30

Issues of Comics Foundry produced before Leong reached the "unfortunate point where my career no longer allows enough time to do the magazine": Five

Employees let go in the latest round of Wizard layoffs: Seven

Employees cut by Borders in early March: 742

Amount that Mark Waid personally lost on the first two Gorilla Comics issues of Empire (scroll to around 5:30 of this 15-minute podcast for the story): $25,000

Days ahead of the general public that John Ostrander was told about the potential development of a Suicide Squad film: Zero

Marvel's approximate investment in "digital media" during 2008: $2 million net

Percentage of the original page size featured in Bully's Tiny_Scans_Daily: 10

Iron Man: Tony Stark Goes Old School Classic Armor for Ultron Agenda

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