'68 Encore Edition #1

Story by
Art by
Nat Jones
Colors by
Jay Fotos
Cover by
Image Comics

On February 13, 1968, Lieutenant Tommy Blake led a five-man fire teamin to the deep jungles of Vietnam to investigate the sudden silence of a deep-cover listening post. What they found, far from the relative safety of tiny firebase Aries, hidden by the shadows of an enemy-infested rainforest and buried in the heart of a darkness known as "Indian Country" is a brutal story of violence and horror. The hungry dead have risen in the war torn hell of Vietnam and there are zombies in the razorwire...

So save a bullet for yourself.

Horrormasters MARK KIDWELL, NAT JONES andJAY FOTOS are proud to present the deluxe, "re-mastered" version of their 2006 cult hit tale of military horror: '68.Re-presented in a single-issue format matching the book's original release, this powerful one-shot story meshes seamlessly with the continuity of the new, ongoing horror comic series and brings the"missing chapter" to a whole new generation of rabid readers.

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