60 arrested in Canada in 'Project Marvel' gang investigation

Sixty people were arrested Tuesday in a series of pre-dawn raids across Canada following a police investigation dubbed "Project Marvel" because many of the alleged gang members involved assumed the names of Marvel superheroes.

Unfortunately, neither the press release from the Toronto Police Service nor the report from The Toronto Star lists which characters the accused, some of whom are as young as 14, chose. I'm guessing there's at least one Punisher, though, and probably two or more Wolverines.

However, we do learn that gang with the youngest members is Young Buck Killaz, which I'll pretend is a reference to James "Bucky" Barnes.

The operation is being described as one of the largest ever in Canada, with more than 900 officers from 22 law-enforcement organizations simultaneously executing 67 search warrants across the country. Project Marvel grew out of May a robbery and subsequent shooting in Toronto.

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