6-Foot LEGO Batcave Is a Work of Art

If you’re a fan of Batman and LEGO, then you most likely try to collect as many mini figures and sets as possible. Or perhaps you dream of certain parts of Batman’s iconography recreated in LEGO form. Thanks to Brent Waller of Waller Customs, fans can see Wayne Manor and the Batcave like never before in a 6-foot tall LEGO creation filled with everything you love about the Caped Crusader.

Brent Waller’s massive Wayne Manor, which utilizes over 100,000 LEGO pieces and took over a year to finish. Beginning with the illustrious Batcave and finishing off with the gothic exterior of the manor, Waller shared an almost 6-minute long video showing details of the Dark Knight’s home and history on his YouTube channel.

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The LEGO Wayne Manor and Batcave celebrate different parts of Batman's history within comics and film: A rotating showcase of Batmobiles from 1966’s Batman; Tim Burton’s Batman film series; the TV show Batman: The Animated Series; and Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy, including a Bane mini figure sitting atop the Tumbler vehicle. The clear centerpiece of this diorama is the Batwing that hangs in the Batcave, a look that resembles the post-credits scene from director Chris McKay’s The LEGO Movie.

The layers of the Batcave show several rooms filled with classic mythology from the DC Comics superhero. The Caped Crusader can be seen splashing in a swimming pool with Batgirl, as Robin sits happily by the Batcomputer. Other rooms highlight Batman’s infamous rogues gallery, including a menacing Two-Face standing in a burning room of the manor.

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While many mini figures are based on or from existing Batman LEGO sets over the years, others are original creations by Waller, such as the classic and modern Red Hood standing alongside the villain Black Mask. There’s even a carousel of Bat suits behind a wall with a Batman emblem, reminiscent of the rotating Batsuits from The LEGO Batman Movie.

Brent Waller's massive Batman LEGO set will be on display at the BrisBricks Strathpine Expo June 9-10, in Brisbane, Australia.

(via Brothers Brick)

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