52 #9 Review

That's a very cool JG Jones cover.

However, I'd love to know who came up with the idea of using a character who had not made an appearance since his first (and only) appearance, in the last issue of Forever People in 1972!!

Yes, 34 years later, Devilance the Pursuer is back, and he's fighting a blind Adam Strange, Starfire and Animal Man - and he somehow LOSES! That's actually the best part of the book. It's too bad it wasn't the majority of the book, that pleasure goes to the Steel plot, which takes up half the book, and yet almost 100% of the lameness of the issue.

Steel (who is now basically made of Steel) confronts Luthor, but is stopped by Luthor's new team of superpowered protectors, including Steel's niece, Natasha! Now mind-control certainly COULD be involved, but it doesn't seem likely (in addition, it wasn't present when Natasha left in the first place, which made no sense), but if it isn't mind control, then Natasha is just written sooo horribly. I mean, I cannot imagine their scenes together being any worse.

"I hate you, Uncle John, because I'm apparently a total moron!"

"Natasha, noooooooooooo!"

The Devilance fight is pretty cool, though, with Animal Man controlling alien bugs! Sweet!

Finally, the Renee Montoya scenes with the Question are good. I especially like the scenes where he talks to her in the lesbian bar.

Shane Moll drew this issue, and he looks like a somewhat less polished Doug Mahnke. I could see Moll becoming a good artist in the future.

The History of the DCU backup is great because it helps to show how awful the how Identity/Infinite Crisis stories were (and Jurgens does a GREAT job of making his art look like Rags Morales'!).

So, not recommended!

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