52 #6 Review

This is the issue that introduces the new heroes (via Grant Morrison) The Great Ten into the DCUniverse, and I dunno. As far as throwaway characters go, the Great Ten are pretty good. All decently clever ideas, but I wonder if they will ever be able to go BEYOND throwaway characters. In many ways, they very much remind me of all the characters introduced in Contest of Champions, only if, rather than just being able to use ONE stereotype from each country, Morrison had to come up with TEN.

It is not that pretty, but, again, as throwaway characters, they do well. Their names are worked into the comic quite nicely, and even their powers are described for the most part. In fact, that, alone was quite impressive.

However, the whole "Foreign countries not allowing the United States to get involved." Well, we've already seen in Green Lantern that this plot doesn't really go anywhere, as the status quo is basically the same a year later (save for now Russia is also against the United States). So I thought that that was an odd bit of dramatic dampening. In addition, Hal and John seemed to be WAY too calm around Black Adam, seeing as how he murdered Terra-Man on national television just to prove a point!!

It is a bit disappointing to see that only Black Adam and Booster Gold appeared in this issue. I expected a bit more of a "use the book to keep all the characters up to date" approach.

Booster's "pay an actor to pretend to be a villain" approach seemed a bit too cheezy, however, Booster had the best moment in the comic, when he went to visit Rip Hunter and make the discovery regarding himself and what he is doing to the time continuum. Rip Hunter's chalkboard was one of the coolest things I've seen in a comic in a long while (it is a chalkboard with tons of hints towards future plots). VERY nice touch by the creative team. The ending was good.

The History of the DCUniverse back-up continues to be an utter waste of time, unless you like Dan Jurgens' art a lot, in which case it allows for a lot of nice pin-up art by Jurgens. As an actual story, though, it does less than nothing.

Overall, I would not recommend this issue of 52.

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