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50 Greatest X-Family Stories: 9-7

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50 Greatest X-Family Stories: 9-7

In honor of the fiftieth anniversary of the X-Men, we’re doing a poll of the greatest X-Family (spin-offs of the X-Men) stories of all-time (Here is our previous list of the 50 Greatest X-Men Stories)! You all voted, now here are the results of what you chose as the 50 Greatest X-Family stories! Here is a master list of every story featured so far.

We’ll do three each day from here on out.


9 “Fall of the Mutants” X-Factor #24-26

A number of voters tried to extend this to a larger arc, beginning around #15, where Angel’s wings are amputated, he seems to die and then we first see him become one of Apoclaypse’s Horseman as “Death.” I am not necessarily against that idea, except that there were issues that had nothing to do with Archangel, so you’d have, like, #15, #17-18, #20, stuff like that, so I figured we might as well just go with the story that most people wrote in with as their vote, the X-Factor “Fall of the Mutants” arc, which saw X-Factor face off against their old friend for the first time with his metal wings and “Death” persona. During this story, Angel breaks free from Apoclaypse’s control and becomes Archangel for the first time, a hero with great darkness in his heart and soul. Very clever stuff by writer Louise Simonson and the artwork by Walter Simonson is stellar.

8 “The Cross-Time Caper” Excalibur #12-24

Written by Chris Claremont, this thirteen issue epic saw Excalibur go on a year-long journey around the Marvel multiverse, as they kept leaping from one dimension to the next, courtesy of the wacky sort-of-robot known as Widget (we later explained the strange origins of Widget that were not revealed until years later when Alan Davis was the writer and artist of the title). They kept hoping that the next leap…would be the leap home. A notable drawback of the storyline as that series co-creator Alan Davis stopped drawing the story five or so issues in, so there were fill-in artists for a number of issues before he returned for the final two parts. This was a fun, adventurous storyline by Claremont. The exploration of the Multiverse is rife with interesting scenarios, and Claremont touched on a bunch of them.

7 “The Apocalypse Solution” Uncanny X-Force #1-4

After working for Cyclops as his own personal hit squad, Wolverine and Psylocke decide to instead make their own secret hit squad. Along with fellow team members Deadpool and Fantomex, their first mission is to kill a newly resurrected Apocalypse. However, what do you do when faced with young Apocalypse, who is still just an innocent boy who does not yet know what he is destined to become? Do you really kill a little kid? That’s the dilemma that is at the heart of the opening arc of Uncanny X-Force by Rick Remender and Jerome Opena. Opena’s artwork, by the way, is just stellar on this series. During this arc, we also meet a new Four Horseman of Apocalypse, and their origins are really well done by Remender and designed beautifully by Opena.

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