50 Greatest X-Family Stories: 40-36

In honor of the fiftieth anniversary of the X-Men, we're doing a poll of the greatest X-Family (spin-offs of the X-Men) stories of all-time (Here is our previous list of the 50 Greatest X-Men Stories)! You all voted, now here are the results of what you chose as the 50 Greatest X-Family stories!

We'll do five each day from here on out (until we get towards the end, when it'll probably get down to 3 a day). Here is a master list of every story featured so far.


40. "Judgement War" X-Factor #43-50

In this storyline by Louise Simonson, Paul Smith, Al Milgrom and Rich Buckler, X-Factor finds themselves transported to an alien world where the people are separated by how close each class is to "perfection." Jean Grey, being pretty much perfect, is considered tops on the planet. Beast, not so much. X-Factor is split up and eventually Iceman and Archangel end up participating in gladiator combat against each other. And it turns out that the Celestials are coming to judge this world. Can X-Factor save it? Plus, since this storyline contained either an odd or an even numbered issue in it, baby Nathan was kidnapped.

39. "The Open Hand, The Closed Fist" X-Force #19

When the remaining members of the New Mutants joined up with Cable's new team, dubbed X-Force, they essentially became terrorists, at least in the eyes of the world's police authorities. The rest of the X-teams, though, were content to let them do their own thing until the events of the X-Cutioner's Song, when it looked like Cable just shot Professor Xavier for no reason. So they were hunted down and after that story ended with Cable's seeming death, X-Force was at a bit of a crossroads. They were still sort of wanted criminals, the X-Men were keeping them under house arrest and they didn't even know if they wanted to continue together without Cable. Ultimately, Cannonball led the team away from X-Men custody, giving this big over-the-top speech to Professor X over whether they will follow the open hand approach (like Xavier) or the closed fist approach (like Cable). For Cannonball's point to be made, he carries a mouse around in his hand. It is pretty funny. Also, the members of X-Force work out in the Danger Room and Shatterstar is referred to by the nickname "Shatty." Awesome. Fabian Nicieza, Greg Capullo and Harry Candelario were the creative team.

38. "Old Man Logan" Wolverine #66-72, Wolverine: Old Man Logan Giant-Sized #1

In this epic tale, it has been 50 years since Logan retired as Wolverine. Now he is trying to make a life with his family on the outskirts of one section of what the U.S. has become after super villains have conquered the nation.. The Hulk Gang, though (who are in charge of the section he lives in), draw him out of retirement and he must go on a cross country mission with a blind Hawkeye in the Spider-Mobile. The storyline is about a man trying to forget his past as a hero but just can't ignore evil for any longer. Mark Millar, Steve McNiven and Dexter Vines was the creative team.

37. "Multiple Problems" X-Factor #71-75

Peter David, Larry Stroman and Al Milgrom took over X-Factor, revamping the title from "the original X-Men hang out together because they're all co-dependent" to a government-sponsored mutant superhero team, starring the sort of remnants from the mutant world (the characters not popular enough to be picked to be on either the Blue or Gold X-Men teams). Disaster strikes early when it appears that Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man, has been murdered. Instead, we learn that one of Jamie's dupes has gone rogue and X-Factor must stop evil Jamie and his crew of Nasty Boys. Plus, they must deal with the nagging suspicion that "their" Jamie is actually the dupe and the evil one is the REAL Jamie. This story arc was especially noteworthy for the humorous approach David took towards the formation of a superhero team. A real Giffen/DeMatteis feel to things.

36. "The Shiva Scenario" Wolverine #48-50

After Weapon X introduced the concept of Wolverine not remembering everything about his past, Larry Hama, Marc Silvestri and Dan Green (plus extra inkers) explore Wolverine's past by introducing the concept that he might actually not remember anything TRUE about his past. He learns that he was not the only test subject of Weapon X. Some of his old comrades like John Wraith were also in the project. As Wolverine digs to find answers about his past, he accidentally sets off a Weapon X safeguard - a robot designed to attack in case a test subject went haywire. This featured the return of Wolverine to his original costume (after nearly a decade of the John Byrne revamped costume).

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