50 Greatest Daredevil Stories: #6-4

4. "Out" (Daredevil Vol.2 #32-40)

The second arc of Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev's Daredevil run spills out of the huge game changer at the end of their first story arc- Daredevil's secret identity has been outted to the press!

In this story, we see Matt Murdock deal with the ramifications of this reveal as well as the rest of the world dealing with it. Check out the FBI trying to piece together the information (that they got from the former Wilson Fisk underboss Sammy Silke)...

What makes this arc stand out so much is that it is not JUST Daredevil dealing with his identity being revealed (and all of his various friends and foes dealing with the information, as well, like Elektra, Spider-Man and Black Widow all showing up), it also deals with the low-level superhero White Tiger going on trial for the murder of a police officer (he didn't do it) and Matt trying to defend him during all of this media circus.

This is a really well-designed arc by Bendis and Maleev continues to excel at JUST the type of story that Bendis is so good at, character-driven stuff built around people talking to each other. Maleev brings out all the emotion that he can out of these sequences.

Tomorrow we learn the top three! No pre-guessing! Let it be a surprise for everyone!

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