50 Greatest Daredevil Stories: #6-4

In honor of the Daredevil's brand-new TV series, we're counting down your picks for the fifty greatest Daredevil stories.

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6. "Roulette" (Daredevil #191)

This is Frank Miller's final issue of his initial Daredevil run. Klaus Janson had been penciling the book for quite a while by this time over Miller's breakdowns, but Miller decided to fully pencil his final issue (with Terry Austin, oddly enough, on inks instead of Janson).

The issue is a stunning set piece, as Daredevil shows up at the bedside of the paralyzed Bullseye and plays Russian Roulette with him (everyone knows what that is, right? It's when you load a single chamber of a gun with a bullet and spin the chamber, so every time you pull the trigger, there is an increased chance that you're going to get the chamber that has the bullet in it), while explaining that it is specifically spurned on by a recent case where Daredevil takes down a crook, but does so in front of the crook's young son (who, up until that point, idolized Daredevil)...

Pretty heady stuff, especially for an early 1980s comic. Miller does a marvelous job reexamining his own work, bringing up criticisms of the whole CONCEPT of superheroing, while showing that Daredevil really IS about more than just "might makes right." The ending is perfect. What a way for his run to end!

5. "The Devil Inside and Out, Vol. 1" (Daredevil Vol.2 #82-87)

Ed Brubaker was given an intriguing setup for his Daredevil run when he took over the title, as the previous writer, Brian Michael Bendis, had left Matt Murdock in prison at the end of his run. So Brubaker opened his run with an absolutely stunning "Daredevil in jail" arc, that also served to set up the rest of his run on the title. One of the important cast additions was the private investigator Dakota North, a longtime minor Marvel character that Brubaker made into an important supporting cast member. Brubaker was joined on the book by the brilliant artist Michael Lark, who was in turn joined by Stefano Gaudiano, giving the book a consistently awesome look to it.

Here's the thing about Daredevil in prison. You really can't add TOO much fear to just him being attacked, as he's freakin' DAREDEVIL. So how do you use his confinement to mess with him? Brubaker shows us how in the stunning ending to the first part of the story...


The rest of the arc deals with the fact that suddenly more and more big name crooks are showing up in Matt's prison. It can't be a coincidence, of course, that these are people who actually might have a chance at killing Matt. So can he make it out of there alive? It's an amazing opening to Brubaker, Lark and Guadiano's run, but even more so, it works as a self-contained story really well (oh, and of course, Foggy does not actually die, although Matt thinks he does).

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