50 Greatest Daredevil Stories: #50-41

In honor of the Daredevil's brand-new TV series, we're counting down your picks for the fifty greatest Daredevil stories.

You all voted, now here are the results of what you chose as the 50 Greatest Daredevil Stories!


50. The Jester Saga (Daredevil Vol. 1 #42-46)

This storyline by Stan Lee and Gene Colan (with inks by Dan Adkins, Vince Colletta and George Klein) introduced the villainous Jester, a guy who came up with an ingenious plot to use against Daredevil - he would frame Daredevil for his own murder!

The Jester then sets himself up as the hero of the story by promising the people of New York City that he will bring the "murderer" to justice. So begins an intricate game of cat and mouse between the Jester and Daredevil. Really intense, thrilling stuff - a lot of intrigue, like the two of them riding on the same subway car, not knowing that the other one is on the car for a while.

In the middle of the storyline, Daredevil is exposed to some radiation that drives him a bit nuts and he fights Captain America. It is a cool fight, but it really isn't tied to the overall story, as the radiation fades away and Daredevil goes back to normal.

49. "Expose" (Daredevil #164)

In this tale by Roger McKenzie, Frank Miller and Klaus Janson, Ben Urich uncovers Daredevil's secret identity and he has Matt Murdock tell him his origin story. The issue opens up with a very clever use of newspaper articles to note the passage of time (by the way, the DD/Hulk fight from the previous issue did not make the countdown, in case you're curious)...

The issue is a well-told origin story of Daredevil and it is awesome seeing Miller and Janson draw Daredevil in his original costume. And, of course, the issue is notable for what Ben Urich does with the story in the end...

48. "Badlands" (Daredevil #219)

This story is most famous for Frank Miller coming in out of nowhere to do a fill-in issue of Daredevil years after he left the book and a year or so before he returned to the title for "Born Again." It is a simple tale, drawn by John Buscema and Gerry Taloac, of Matt Murdock traveling through a small town in New Jersey and getting caught up in the corrupt town, controlled by a corrupt cop...

A strong little noir tale out of nowhere.

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