50 Greatest Daredevil Stories: #10-7

In honor of the Daredevil's brand-new TV series, we're counting down your picks for the fifty greatest Daredevil stories.

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10. "Ikari" (Daredevil Vol.3 #23-27)

Mark Waid and Chris Samnee deliver the culmination of the first two years of Waid's run with this epic tale of revenge. Right from the beginning of Waid's run, some mysterious bad guy seemed to be behind a lot of the bad stuff in Daredevil's life. In this arc, we finally find out who it is - it's BULLSEYE! And working for Bullseye is a new bad guy, Ikari, who has the same powers as Daredevil! Ikari is kicking Daredevil's ass when Matt realizes that he can stop Ikari, because of something he knows about their shared powers. But don't be so sure, Matt...

How EPIC was the "Try the red one" reveal? The following issue is tremendous, as Waid and Samnee do marvelous work with Matt's paranoia over Ikari's threats. And then, of course, there's the awesome twist when Matt finally confronts Bullseye. Waid leads the reader all the way one way before pulling the rug out from underneath them (but in a good way). And Samnee's art is clearly fantastic, as you can see from the above sequence.

9. "Yellow" (Daredevil: Yellow #1-6)

Daredevil: Yellow was the first of a series of color-themed mini-series by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale spotlighting the early days of prominent Marvel heroes. In this story, they detail the early days of Daredevil's career, back when he wore the yellow costume. Tim Sale's artwork is truly sublime, and Loeb gives him a striking story. Check out this sequence where Daredevil gets his revenge on the man who ordered his father's murder, but also reveals his superhero name for the first time...

Powerful work there.

Loeb cleverly turns Daredevil's early days into a mix between an action story and a romantic comedy, as the whole story is wrapped around Matt Murdock reminiscing about his lost love, Karen Page (the whole story is narrated through a letter from Matt to Karen).

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