5-year-old with Cerebral Palsy celebrates Halloween in custom Millennium Falcon

The Bailey family is known in their community for going all out for Halloween. In years past, they've made costumes for their children including Superman and Clark Kent, complete with the phone booth to change in.

This year, they wanted to make Halloween extra special for their 5-year-old son Sebastian, who has cerebral palsy. Sebastian will be the coolest kid on his street as he trick-or-treats in this custom made Millennium Falcon! The design of the Falcon also aids in his ability to walk, which is perfect for trick-or-treating.

This handmade Millennium Falcon not only looks amazing, but it comes fully loaded with LED lights, a propulsion system, the Star Wars theme song, and buttons for Sebastian to push that help him sound like Han Solo. Sebastian even has Han's classic pilot outfit on, complete with swashbuckling blue pants. All he needs now is a fluffy pet to play Chewbacca and he's good to go!

The Bailey family shared photos from their neighborhood "far, far away" on their Facebook page earlier this week before KUTV, Salt Lake City picked up on the story.

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