5 Up and 5 Down: Marvel Knights "Spider-Man #20" Sells Out, Gets Scarlet Spider Variant

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width="127" height="190" alt="" align="right" border="0"> In only one day, "Marvel Knights Spider-Man #20" has sold out at Diamond despite a significant overprinting. In response, Marvel is going back to press immediately on this issue with a new second printing variant cover by Mike Wieringo featuring the Scarlet Spider.

Critics have continued to praise Spider-Man: The Other. Koben Kelly of Newsarama.com says, "In all honesty, this was the most fun I've had with a Spidey book in years."

In reference to the previous sellout of "Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #2", ComicFanatic.com says, "Not hard to see why this one sold out so quickly. Why? Because it's that good."

The Other continues to be a huge hit with retailers and fans as Marvel Knights Spider-Man #20, part 5 of the Spider-Man event, is also the fifth consecutive sellout.

The response to these second printing variant covers has been tremendous and it wouldn't be possible without the unqualified success the fans have made Spider-Man: The Other thus far.

Provided is a sketch by Mike Wieringo of the Scarlet Spider variant, which will follow the same theme of the four Spider-Man: The Other second printing variants that preceded it.

Be sure to pick up Reginald Hudlin's conclusion to act two of Spider-Man: The Other in "Amazing Spider-Man #526," where a weakened Spider-Man has the fight of his life against Morlun. And then pick up next month's act three written by J.Michael Straczynski as Spider-Man finds himself on the precipice of death.

Issues of Spider-Man: The Other are flying off shelves so make sure you secure your copies and don't miss out on this great Spider-Man epic.

"MARVEL KNIGHTS SPIDER-MAN #20" Second Printing Variant (OCT058044)


Pencils by PAT LEE


"THE OTHER: EVOLVE OR DIE" Part 5 (of 12)


FOC – 12/1, On Sale – 12/21/2005

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