5 Undeniably Awesome Super Bowl 50 Trailer Moments

Plenty of people watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials, and that's made the annual event a big deal for movie studios hoping to get as many eyeballs on their upcoming films as possible. This year was of course no different, with numerous popular franchises teasing their upcoming installments to excited Super Bowl partygoers all across the country.

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With all the trailers and promos dropped during Super Bowl 50, it might be hard to single out which moments deserve to be seen on repeat due to their sheer awesomeness. Bullets were shot, punches were thrown, cars were cut in half -- a lot happened in last night's movie spots. To get you caught up on the most awesome talking points from last night's crop of commercials, here are the five most undeniably awesome moments from last night's Super Bowl trailers.

Turtles, Meet Krang

It's been clear from early on in production that "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows" was veering away from reboot territory and making a hard right towards the original '80s cartoon series. Bebop and Rocksteady will make their feature film debut in the sequel to the 2014 reboot and the first trailer saw the Turtle Van in action as well. Now we know for sure that one other major cartoon character will make an appearance in the feature film: Krang. And the new spot doesn't just feature Krang, but also his massive, bald-headed, '80s sunglasses-wearing robot suit which can briefly be seen giving the Turtles a spin. This movie just needs the Technodrome and some Neutrinos to win '80s TMNT bingo.

Psylocke Jim Lee-aps Into Action

The "X-Men: Apocalypse" Super Bowl spot featured a number of big moments, like Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique declaring war and getting (painfully) up close and personal with Apocalypse. But one character stole the trailer: Olivia Munn's Psylocke. The mutant assassin turned Horseman for Apocalypse has had a comparatively subdued presence in previous trailers, as she mostly stood by the main villain's side looking intimidating. This new promo introduced Psylocke in a big way by showing her leaping into action by slicing her way through a car with her psychic katana; with the costume, weapon and movement all working together, this moment looks like an action panel from definitive Psylocke artist Jim Lee brought to life.

Winter Soldier vs. Iron Man

The initial "Civil War" trailer played up the emotional stakes of this May's Marvel movie, with Captain America and Iron Man's fractured friendship front and center in that spot. The ad aired during the Super Bowl, however, plays up the film's tense action with a number of dramatic moments unfolding underneath the chants of "united we stand" and "divided we fall." The most intense moment, though, just so happens to be the one that's most face-to-face; we see Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark quickly strapping on an Iron Man glove and immediately using it to deflect a bullet shot by the Winter Soldier -- by covering the gun barrel with his armored hand. The look of total shock on Tony's face after surviving gun blast proves that this is one film that won't pull its punches.

Superman's Fly-By

Don't let those Turkish Airlines ads from last night's game fool you -- you can't really fly to Metropolis or Gotham. While the stealthy -- and unconventional -- ads for "Batman v Superman" focused more on the cities featured in the upcoming DC Comics movie, the one for Superman's home did include an impressive fly-by shot. The Man of Steel can be seen buzzing past the Metropolis Museum of Modern Art, flying over the heads of onlookers. This stands in stark contrast to the Gotham ad, which features the Bat Signal but not Batman.

Bourne Pulls A Batman

Seriously, one punch -- one punch.

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