5 Titles We'd Like to See Spin Out of "DC Universe: Rebirth"

Last week's "DC Universe: Rebirth" resurrected pre-"Flashpoint" continuity and brought back some beloved characters. However, writer Geoff Johns didn't simply throw out the new to make room for the old - he instead found a way to merge the New 52 with the old-school elements to create something more.

As DC Comics continues to roll out its Rebirth initiative over the coming months, we'll see several classic heroes getting new titles. However, Johns presented to many ideas - and hinted at so many possibilities - in the one-shot, we can't help but want even more.

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So as we get ready for the next waves of Rebirth titles, here are some of the series we'd love to see join the initiative.

Shazam! Family

With Rebirth, some iconic magic words might have meaning once again. Shazam was a member of the Justice League in the New 52, but was removed from his roots and relegated to a supporting role. Neither Billy Batson nor his extended family was seen in "DC Universe: Rebirth," but they are depicted in the two-page promo that introduced Rebirth's cast. With a refocus on joy and hope, now could be the time for the Shazam Family to take center stage in the DCU. A "Shazam Family" title could not only explore these beloved characters within this brighter universe, but also examine the nature of magic.

Justice Society of America

Johns rose to prominence as the writer of "JSA," so it's only appropriate that he's responsible for the team's return. One of the more stunning rebirths in the DC Universe special was that of Johnny Thunder, the classic hero who can control the genie-like Thunderbolt. It's been a long time since fans have seen Thunder, but that's par for the course for DC's great Golden Age characters. When the New 52 began, DC's World War II-era heroes were noticeably absent, and with the members of the Justice Society of America and All-Star Squadron gone, the New 52 lost some of its beloved legacy connections. Sure, there was the JSA of Earth 2, but the original heroes -- the mentors to so many of DC's champions -- were relegated to forgotten histories and back-issue bins. But when Wally West found Johnny Thunder in the pages of "Rebirth," a return to glory may have been kindled. There are so many great Golden Age heroes that a new title would be needed to explore them all. With the arrival of the JSA trumpeted in the season finale of "DC's Legends of Tomorrow," could this mean a new Golden Age for DC's Golden Age?

Legion of Super-Heroes

From the glory days of the past to the bright hope of the future, "DC Universe: Rebirth" also teased the return of the Legion of Super-Heroes. That mystery woman with knowledge of the future possessed a Legion flight ring, which can only mean that DC plans to return to the 31st century. "The Legion of Super-Heroes" was once one of the publisher's most popular titles - and with a new Superboy being introduced into "Super Sons," the stage could be set for the Legion to step into the spotlight once more.

The Atoms

Beyond a smattering of appearances around the New 52, it's been a while since fans have enjoyed the adventures of any Atom. That changed with "DC Universe: Rebirth," which featured the return of not one but two shrinking heroes: a classically costumed Ray Palmer, and Ryan Choi, who had inherited the Atom mantle before being unceremoniously killed off by Deathstroke. Now both are back, and clearly there's a ton of story potential. A new title featuring both Atoms -- heck, why not throw in Golden Age Atom Al Pratt? -- could explore the next chapter of DC's smallest heroes.

Young Justice

No sooner did "Young Justice" make its Netflix debut than rumors of a revival began. With the reintroduction of Aqualad in "DC Universe: Rebirth," perhaps the band could get back together in comics, if not on television. While there was no suggestion of a Young Justice Rebirth reunion, fans of not only the animated series but also the old original comics would love to see the young heroes again, further emphasizing the legacy thread woven throughout the one-shot.

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