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5 Times Captain America Was Your Favorite Avenger

by  in Comic News, Movie News Comment
5 Times Captain America Was Your Favorite Avenger

If being a superhero was an Olympic sport, Captain America would win all the gold medals. He’d be so dominant, he’d not only be featured on a Wheaties box, he’d get his own shoes, a line of clothing and they’d name energy drinks after him.

Since he first battled Red Skull with freedom-powered punches in “Captain America: The First Avenger,” Cap has had several films to prove himself as Marvel Studios‘ MVP. “Captain America: Civil War,” continues to show Steve Rogers fighting the good fight — albeit against his fellow heroes including Team Iron Man.

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Now, with Cap’s latest blockbuster poised to crash into theaters, CBR presents our five favorite moments when Steve Rogers proved he’s the greatest Avenger of them all.

“I could do this all day.”

In “The First Avenger,” Steve Rogers made it very clear that he doesn’t like bullies. Or jerks who talk during the movie. Steve’s brawl in alley with said bully resulted in the future super soldier getting an assist from pal Bucky Barnes, but even after several knockdown blows, Steve got back up, fists at the ready. If anyone has a reason to tap out, it’s this 90-lb. asthmatic, but the fact that he didn’t, and still doesn’t, makes us love him even more.

Cap Vs. Loki

“He’s adopted” is an apt excuse for lots of Loki’s behavior. He rolled into Germany to (naturally) steal an eyeball to help him steal what he really came for — only to see that plan to end in tears. And, well, a lot of kick-punching, thanks to Cap showing up to remind Thor’s half-brother about the last time the soldier was on German soil facing a villain towering over innocent people. Again, Cap had a disagreement with said baddie — one Loki found himself on the losing side of. Bonus points for Cap stepping in to save one of Loki’s hostages.

“Hulk? Smash.”

He may just be a kid from Brooklyn, but when a hole in the sky opens up and spits out an alien race whose main modes of transport are giant space eels and flying jet skis, even Steve knows the best way to handle that is with a Hulk.

That. Elevator. Fight.

Not even a dozen S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives and their hi-tech magnetic handcuffs could stop Steve from unleashing a Costco-sized pallet of whoop-ass on his would-be assailants. He kicked and arm-barred his way to victory, then did his version of a mic-drop when he slayed a QuinJet like it was a dragon. He may not get all of Tony’s references, but let’s see Iron Man do that without the aid of his suit!

“With you to the end of the line.”

Bucky and Steve. Steve and Bucky. These super-powered BFFs fought side-by-side until the whole Winter Soldier thing turned them into punch-happy enemies. But despite Bucky being a brainwashed assassin, he’s still Steve’s friend. And he’s gonna stick by him till (sniffle) the end of the (tears) no, no I’m not crying. Someone’s just chopping onions.

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