5 "Shock" Endings We'd Want To See On <i>Smallville</i>

It's the final episode ever of Smallville this week - An event a decade in the making, and one that, at times, has felt as if it's taken even longer to arrive. But on Friday, we'll finally get to see Clark embrace his true destiny and become the world's greatest hero... or will we? Here are five curveballs we almost wish the writers would throw us instead.

Clark Resurrects Krypton, Ushers In New Age of Humanity

All throughout the series, we've seen Clark struggle with his Kryptonian heritage... but what if the final episode took inspiration from comics like New Krypton or DC One Million and actually brought Krypton back from destruction, allowing Clark an all-new beginning, a chance to reconnect with his heritage and Earth a whole new world of superpowered protectors to save the day from whatever disasters may threaten it? Admittedly, I'm not expecting this one at all, because it feels too much like the start of something, instead of a conclusion... Perhaps it's something they should have tried as a season cliffhanger, instead.

Clark Loses His Powers

Similarly, what if the show ends not with Clark finding closure to his internal battle of personal cultures, but instead by becoming fully human? We've seen various "regular" people go on to fight crime using technology or just their wits on the show, and also characters losing their powers for some ridiculous reason or another, so is it impossible that Clark could permanently avoid becoming Superman by becoming a regular man, instead?

Happily Ever After

What if Smallville ends with an actual ending? I know that Superman stands for the "Never-Ending Battle" against evil, but what if something so momentous happens in the finale that evil is, if not entirely vanquished, then at least fairly permanently defeated to the point where the other heroes - both costumed, like Green Arrow and Aquaman, and regular, like the police, firefighters and other emergency workers - can take it from there? Can Lois and Clark actually manage to live happily ever after?

Clark Dies/Lois Dies

We've seen a shock twist season finale before that suggests that Smallville won't exactly follow the Superman legend we all know - Remember when Jimmy Olsen died, even if there was then the frustrating takeback of introducing little kid cousin Jimmy Olsen? - so could the series finale go that route, but supersize it? We know that Clark will inspire future generations, but what if that inspiration comes from his making the supreme sacrifice? Or if it takes the loss of his greatest love to push him into becoming the selfless hero we've been expecting all long?

Clark Becomes Batman

Oh, come on. Like that wouldn't be an awesome twist. Admit it, you really wouldn't see that one coming. After a few years of The Blur, it's time that Clark takes up a new - and non-lame - superhero identity, but it would be absolutely hilarious if that identity belonged to another DC Comics hero instead of the one we're all expecting. Maybe he can get a Green Lantern ring in a completely unexpected tie-in to this summer's most-anticipated-by-DC-Comics movie?

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