5 September TV Debuts We Can't Wait To Watch

Earlier this week, we shared the five returning TV shows that we can't wait for this month, and now it's time to look at some of the all-new, all-different (Well, partially different, at least) shows waiting for you over the next thirty-one days, including another Sherlock, the end of all tech and the devil himself... maybe.

RevolutionThe new series about a world without technology - thanks, of course, to an unknown event that disabled everything that relied on electricity - comes from JJ Abrams and Supernatural creator Eric Kripke, so the genre credentials are impressive. There are some familiar faces in the cast, as well, including Lost's Elizabeth Mitchell, Once Upon A Time's Giancarlo Esposito and, yes, Twilight's Billy Burke. But will audiences really want to stick around for a show about civilization falling apart…? (September 17 at 10pm Eastern on NBC)

Ben and KateI admit, the reason this new Fox sitcom is here has less to do with its set-up (Ben and Kate are a brother and sister who are complete opposites who end up living together and helping each other back away from their worst impulses) than the people involved; Nat Faxon, the Ben of the title is the writing partner of Jm Rash, AKA Community's Dean Felton, and a Groundlings alumnus, and the series also stars Vexed's Lucy Punch, which is generally a good sign. My fingers are crossed that they've signed up for a sleeper success, and not sold out for the Fox dollar...(September 25 at 8:30pm Eastern on Fox)

Elementary It's the Sherlock show that's not Sherlock! Whether to not you think that updating Sherlock Holmes to modern-day New York and changing the gender of Watson are good ideas, there's still something weirdly compelling about this show; a lure to check out the first episode, if nothing else, and see whether or not it'll stand up to the current BBC version or even just other detective shows on US TV. And if nothing else, it'll be nice to see Lucy Liu back on TV on a regular basis. (September 25 at 10pm Eastern on CBS)

Last Resort When a nuclear submarine refuses to follow very suspicious orders, it comes under attack from its own country in this new action series from Shawn Ryan, creator of The Shield and The Chicago Code. International conspiracy theories from the man who gave the world Vic Mackey? Yes, I will definitely tune in for that one. (September 27 at 8pm Eastern on ABC)

666 Park Avenue Get your soap opera supernatural camp fix with this new series, based on Gabriella Pierce's novel about a building that just might be possessed by a demon. Yes, a possessed building. If that's not something that'll ensure more than the usual amount of dastardly deeds and bad behavior, then I don't know what will - and with Terry O'Quinn and Vanessa Williams in place as the bad guys behind the whole thing, there's almost no way this won't be a contender for guilty pleasure of the season. (September 30 at 10pm Eastern on ABC)

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