5 September TV Debuts We Can't Wait To Watch

It's September, and that means only one thing: The start of the new Fall Season is only weeks away. With all manner of new shows about to begin and old favorites returning, here are the five shows we can't wait to watch this month.


Climb back into the danger zone with this mini-season - Three episodes in September, before the show goes on break until January next year - of FX's cult spy comedy that takes everything you ever thought about James Bond and pushes it even further. It's no Venture Bros, but it's damn close. (Starting Sept. 15, 10:30pm on FX)


Besides it being one of the funniest, smartest comedies on television right now, why is the third season of NBC's college comedy on this list? Well, that would be the guest-cast for the season: "You mean John Goodman getting back to his comedy roots as the new assistant principal?" you ask? No, we reply, we mean The Wire's Omar (Actor Michael Kenneth Williams) joining the cast as Jeff Winger's new nemesis. That's pretty awesome, right? (Starting Sept. 22, 8pm on NBC)

Person of Interest

This thriller has all the ingredients to be must-see television: Created by JJ Abrams and The Dark Knight's Jonathan Nolan, starring Lost's Michael Emerson and The Prisoner's Jim Caviezel and centered around a mysterious system that can predict future crimes before they happen. It all sounds a little too good to be true - Remember last year's Abrams series, Undercovers? Exactly - but we're definitely on board for the first episode, at least. (Starting Sept. 22, 9pm on CBS)


Talking of JJ Abrams, the third season of this X-Files-gone-weirder show should've convinced any doubters that this was a show that demanded to be taken seriously. With the fourth season starting in almost all-new territory (One of the three main characters removed from history, and the two universes now apparently bound together as a result), we have no idea where the series is going to go next... but we can't wait to find out. (Starting Sept. 23, 9pm on Fox)

Terra Nova

It's the television gamble of the year - A massively-hyped, multiple-times-delayed science fiction show that mixes Jurassic Park and The Time Tunnel together to create a show that is rumored to be so expensive that it simply can't fail. Which, of course, makes it all the more likely to launch well no matter what, but makes the second, third and fourth episode ratings all the more important. Do people want to watch humanity try to start again in pre-historic times? Can Jason O'Mara make another time travel show work, after his Life on Mars experience? And, maybe most importantly, how good are the CGI dinosaurs? (Starting Sept. 26, 8pm on Fox)

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