5 More Super Heroes For Jason Momoa

Listen, we all know that Jason Momoa will play Aquaman in 2016's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It's been rumored for a while and accepted as a cold hard fact by most of the comic book community, but the actor himself refuses to confirm his involvement in the next DC Comics film. He recently appeared at the Evolution Expo in Oakland, California and remained vague about his potential journey under the sea.

While the words "aqua" and "man" may not have been uttered in the same sentence, he did share a few of his thoughts regarding the types of heroes he would like to play one day. "I think it would be really, really fun to play a superhero," he said, specifying that he views himself as more of an anti-hero. "I don’t see myself in tights a lot… So, not the smiling, parading to saving the world kind of guy." If Momoa won't confirm that he's bringing an edge to Aquaman, we'll just have to cast him in five other roles; if this rumor turns out to be false, here's hoping he ends up as one of these guys.


If he's not going to play DC's king of Atlantis, then he ought to try his hand at Marvel's. With his arrogant attitude and headstrong demeanor, the Sub-Mariner fits much more in line with Momoa's preferred style of brash hero than the altruistic Aquaman. Of course there's the whole matter of Namor's film rights; the character's currently the only super hero claimed by Universal, meaning that any Namor film will be a standalone affair, completely unaffiliated with any existing super hero franchise. For that reason alone, it's probably in the actor's best interests to rule the oceans over at Warner Bros. as Aquaman.


With time travel and Apocalypse already in play as part of Fox's growing X-Men film franchise, it's only a matter of time before they introduce Cable. The hardened, militaristic, gun-toting cyborg is a fan favorite and one of the few characters from the early '90s boom to survive—and thrive—in the ensuing two decades. Momoa's imposing 6'4" frame would look even more intimidating when half coated in techno-organic metal, and he's got the exact right amount of commanding presence to build an entire team of mutants like X-Force around.


In addition to Aquaman, Momoa's also been attached to the role of the interstellar bounty hunter named Lobo. While those rumors didn't pan out, we have to admit it makes perfect sense. The ultimate bastich needs someone to play him that simultaneously exudes menace and a crazy level of cool. Have you seen pictures of the guy? Momoa does that effortlessly. It doesn't hurt that the actor's fully aware of the character and has talked pretty openly about how cool it would be to play him. We're not sure where a mercenary like Lobo would fit in with the fledgling DC Cinematic Universe, but it probably wouldn't be hard to work him in considering the gritty tone established in Man of Steel.


Marvel Studios could snatch Momoa up and cast him as any one of their big bruiser characters. Khal Drogo would make perfect sense as Marvel's version of Ares, the God of War. While the character initially started off as a bad guy, he eventually came around and joined the Mighty Avengers after the events of Civil War. His history as both a hero and a villain means he could pop up in any number of places in the rapidly expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe. Drop him on the streets of Manhattan in Netflix's Defenders, or pit him against Thor in the next Thor film. Just picture Momoa swinging a big axe around and tell us this wouldn't be awesome.


So far there's only one classic member of the Justice League left unaccounted for between all the casting news and franchise installments listed on the possibly genuine film slate: Martian Manhunter. Screenwriter David Goyer made headlines and caused headaches with a few disparaging comments about the fan favorite Leaguer, but maybe he'd change his mind if he saw the tough-as-nails Momoa go green. J'onn J'onzz is a fantastic character with enough dignity and gravitas to go around. Momoa could embody that aspect of the character easily, and he could also bring a very necessary level of physicality to the role.

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