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5 Marvel Studios Roles for Tilda Swinton

by  in Comic News, Movie News Comment
5 Marvel Studios Roles for Tilda Swinton

Marvel movie fans got some truly great news this week when it was revealed that Tilda Swinton has entered into talks with the studio to take on a role in “Doctor Strange.” Since much of the Internet actually pegged Swinton as their number one choice for a genderbent Doctor Strange, getting the actress anywhere close to the magical movie felt like a win for fandom. An Academy Award-winning actress, Swinton has made a name for herself thanks to impossibly diverse roles in films like the sci-fi thriller “Snowpiercer,” the romantic vampire-drama “Only Lovers Left Alive,” and the “Chronicles of Narnia” franchise. Swinton is seemingly poised to take over the role of the Ancient One in Marvel’s “Doctor Strange,” and that’s awesome.

Tilda Swinton Reportedly Offered Key “Doctor Strange” Role

Or… is it? While it’s fantastic to see that a woman will play the Ancient One, the master of the mystic arts that trains Stephen Strange, it is a bit of a letdown to learn that this means losing a prominent Asian character. Knowing Swinton’s massive talent, there’s no question that she deserves to play a big part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — but maybe that part isn’t the Ancient One, traditionally depicted in the comics as Tibetan. So, because the idea of Swinton mixing it up with all of the much-beloved Marvel cast is just too amazing to let go of, here are five other roles Marvel should consider giving to Tilda.


Or Captain Marvel, or Quasar, or Martyr — call this half-Kree warrior whatever you want as long as she’s played by Tilda Swinton. Swinton has played no-nonsense leaders in the past, so we know her super strong, energy-blasting Phyla-Vell could step into the “Guardians of the Galaxy” franchise without missing a beat. And yes, as the artificially created daughter of Kree legend Mar-Vell that only blinked into existence after her “brother” Genis-Vell recreated all of reality, Phyla-Vell’s origin is a little complicated. Ditch all of that. Make her Glenn Close’s number two in the Nova Corps (imagine, Close and Swinton sharing scenes!) placed in the Guardians to keep an eye on them. Done.


Let’s just put this out there: Tilda Swinton is 5’11,” she’s the blondest of blonde and has an innate otherworldly quality. She might actually be an Asgardian — we can’t be too sure! Getting Swinton in a “Thor” film would be a huge get, and we really want to see her put her talent for playing ethereal manipulators to work as Enchantress, the enticing Asgardian lies just as much as Loki. If you’ve watched the “Chronicles of Narnia” films, then you know that Swinton looks badass in over-the-top fantastical garb. Heck, throw some green onto Swinton’s White Witch look and a new version of Enchantress is pretty much ready to go.


Another reason why we want Swinton in another role is because the Ancient One is most likely a minor one. We don’t want to see Tilda in a supporting role, or a team role, or maybe even a villain role; we kinda want to see her in the lead. That’s why Marvel should give her the role of Medusa, the matriarch of the Inhumans and most likely the lead or co-lead of the group’s 2019 film. Medusa commands respect and demonstrates power with ease, two things Swinton does both on and off camera. Plus, remember the White Witch look? You know she would look unsettling — in all the best ways — with that flowing, fire red mane. Give Swinton a lead role and make her the leader of the Inhumans.

Typhoid Mary

One thing’s clear from looking at Swinton’s filmography; she’s got serious range. She plays everything from witches to vampires to lawyers to aristocrats to alcoholics to angels with total commitment, disappearing into every role she takes on. Why not put this incredible range to work with a character like Daredevil foe Typhoid Mary — an assassin with dissociative identity disorder that causes her to vacillate between pacifist and sadist. We know Swinton’s down for the double-blade wielding action that goes along with the role, too, as evidenced in her fierce fight scenes as the White Witch Jadis. Taking a role on Netflix’s “Daredevil” would also allow for Marvel fans to get more Swinton stretched over multiple hours of TV.


Really, all of the other roles on this list are a long shot compared to Clea, Doctor Strange’s partner and occasional love interest who is also the Sorceress Supreme of her native Dark Dimension. This one seems like a natural fit because Clea, like the Ancient One, is a supporting character in the “Doctor Strange” series. And really, it would be fantastic to see “Doctor Strange” lead Benedict Cumberbatch have Tony-and-Pepper style tension with Swinton’s Clea. Plus, this role would allow for her character to take an active part in whatever mystical shenanigans Strange gets up to. Most importantly, it would lay the groundwork for the all-female “Fearless Defenders” team-up feature film that we think everyone can agree would be pretty awesome.

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