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5 Killer “Deadpool” Roles For Morena Baccarin

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5 Killer “Deadpool” Roles For Morena Baccarin

After a few weeks on the shortlist of actresses up for “Deadpool’s” female lead, Morena Baccarin finally cut through the competition and snatched up the part. Baccarin, who currently has a recurring role on Fox’s “Gotham,” will play the still unnamed role of Wade Wilson’s love interest, a woman struggling with her feelings for Ryan Reynolds’ hideously scarred mercenary.

“Deadpool” Movie Adds Morena Baccarin In Lead Female Role

Believe it or not, the Merc With a Mouth has had a number of main squeezes since his debut twenty-five years ago — despite his appearance, attitude, unstable profession and shaky morals. While it’s entirely possible that Baccarin could end up playing a totally original character, we think it would be a waste to put a “Firefly” alum in a non-superpowered role. And, if Baccarin has to be a love interest, she should still be able to kick some ass! With that in mind, here are five Marvel Comics characters we’d love to see Baccarin bring to life in “Deadpool.”


For the first decade of his existence, Vanessa Carlysle was Deadpool’s primary love interest. She was actually with Wilson back in the less-bad old days, before he learned he had cancer. That development led to Wade dumping Vanessa, which spurred the shape-shifter into becoming a mercenary herself. Going by the codename Copycat, Vanessa used her mutant abilities to carry out missions for pay — including one that involved infiltrating X-Force by posing as Cable’s war buddy, Domino. Copycat and Deadpool crossed paths a number of times after their breakup — and these reunions usually devolved into slugfests. As Wilson’s most notable ex, Copycat also made her way into a leaked “Deadpool” script from a few years back, so unless heavy rewrites have been made, she could be a lock as Baccarin’s mystery role.


While rebounding from his love affair with Vanessa, Deadpool developed an intense crush on X-Force’s field leader Siryn. Theresa Cassidy is the daughter of the X-Man known as Banshee, inheriting his super-strong vocal cords. Siryn was a supporting player throughout the first year of writer Joe Kelly’s run on “Deadpool” in the late ’90s, meaning that she has strong enough ties to ‘Pool to justify a big time movie role. Baccarin would be a great fit for the perpetually on top of it and no-nonsense Siryn. Plus, with the big screen version of Banshee — only seen in “X-Men: First Class” — out of the picture, bringing Siryn into Fox’s X-Men franchise would be a great callback to the character.


If the “Deadpool” film heads down a bit of a supernatural road, Fox could bring Baccarin in as the merc’s current wife, Shiklah. In recent issues of “Deadpool,” Dracula — yes, that Dracula — hired Wade to track down this ancient being. The vampire intended to marry Shiklah and therefore gain access to her territory — except he hired Deadpool, and Deadpool’s never met a dangerous, life-destroying villain that he couldn’t fall in love with. The two ditched Dracula’s plan and got hitched, instead. With superhuman abilities out the wazoo, Shiklah’s an incredibly powerful character. Looking back on “Firefly’s” super-confident and not-one-to-be-messed-with Inara, we’re sure Baccarin could nail this part — if “Deadpool” decides to dabble in the occult.

Typhoid Mary

With an anti-hero like Deadpool in the lead, the movie might need to beef up the cast with dangerous characters who make Wade Wilson look altruistic by comparison. In this case, Typhoid Mary is your girl. She’s mostly known as a Daredevil villain, but she made Deadpool’s life a living hell in the merc’s first ongoing series by manipulating him and bringing out all of his worst traits. Character rights might put a restraining order on Typhoid Mary, however. While she is technically a mutant, and Fox holds the rights to most of Marvel’s mutants, there’s a very good chance she was included in the Daredevil package of characters that have since reverted back to Marvel Studios. Still, Baccarin could play another assassin with multiple personalities and a fondness for face paint…


Unlike the rest of the women on this list, Domino has never been romantically linked to Deadpool — but that doesn’t mean Fox won’t take a few liberties with the character in order to get her to the big screen. Like Deadpool, Domino is a witty, gun-toting mercenary; unlike Deadpool, Domino is not certifiably insane. Because she can stand side by side with Wade Wilson on missions and still call him out on his shenanigans, Domino would be the perfect foil for the film’s lead. Baccarin looks the part, minus some makeup, and the character’s luck abilities — things tend to fall into place for her — are unlike anything that have been seen in any of Fox’s films. And if that “X-Force” movie is still in development, “Deadpool” might be a good place to introduce a few characters from that heavy-hitting mutant team.

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